Take on the World the Moment You Land

Prior beauty preparation prevents poor post travel performance as you hit the ground looking and thus feeling on top of your game

We all know that we should avoid alcohol and caffeine when flying long-haul, and of course do the exercises recommended in the in-flight magazine, but realistically who actually does? As 365 Aviation introduces complimentary bottles of Altitude Oil from luxury skincare brand, Annee de Mamiel, on selected flights to help revitalize its clients during their hectic schedules, it asked its frequent flyers, to share their tips for arriving at your destination in top shape. The travel secrets revealed offer a new perspective on staying fresh during a flight and arriving ready to perform as soon as you hit terra firma.

1. You are what you eat (and drink)
Eat pre-flight and stick to light meals wherever possible to minimize that sluggish feeling. Don’t be tempted by extensive in-flight wine lists and stick to water for a clear head and optimum hydration.

2. Adjust your body clock early
Set your watch to the time at your destination as soon as you get onboard, or even before, and visualise yourself in that time zone. This will help to acclimatize your mind and body to the new time zone well before arrival.

3. Pay particular attention to your skincare regime
Skin gets very little oxygen during flight time as you are enclosed in a compressed environment without fresh air, and exposed to harsh recycled air conditioning. A well cleansed face and an effective moisturizer are essential to help avoid tired, dehydrated skin.

4. Lip service
Keep chapped lips at bay with a lip balm that’s richer than the one you would normally use at home. This will help combat the effects of cold air and the elements found on board.

5. Remember how connected your private charter contact is
Hair, make up and in-flight beauty treatments are regular requests for your private jet charter team and they will have built up a little black book of some of the best mobile therapists in the world who make themselves available at a moment’s notice.

6. Try a multi-tasking in flight elixir
Selected by Vogue for its Centenary Beauty Hall of Fame, Annee de Mamiel’s signature Altitude Oil was created with globe trotters in mind. The inhalation essence enables travellers to keep a clear head and energised mind when constantly on the go. Just a few drops on a tissue helps to clear the mind and stimulate the senses.

7. Travel time is precious time
Build work and relaxation time into flights to ensure that you are up to speed, but equally refreshed and ready to do business on landing.

8. Exercise to alleviate jet lag
Not so easy if you’re on a red eye and going straight to a meeting or event, but if you’re landing the evening before take a swim or go for a walk or run to freshen up and aid a good night’s sleep.

365 Aviation CEO Chris Tofts comments “We frequently have high profile clients landing and going directly to an event or a meeting where they need to be immaculately groomed and ready to do business. In these situations, we take care of every detail enabling our clients to step off the aircraft and immediately take on the world.”

Founded in 2011 and with a combined team experience of over 40 years, 365 Aviation offers its clients exceptional service and a single point of contact. Its unrivalled fleet access and utmost discretion has helped it become the preferred charter company for a variety of international royalty and heads of state along with business figures. Its high-level contacts mean that its team is able to secure landing slots at the most selective private airports and its commitment to service runs to fully bespoke liveried aircraft and Michelin fine dining.riddle_stop 2

Enquiries: www.365aviation.com

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