The Power of Algae 

The recently introduced Algenist range of skin care products from this San Fransico based firm harnesses microalgae oil to produce a very effective moisturiser  

Review by Rupert Watkins

As science probes the potential of bio-fuels to solve the world’s environmental issues, one of the many side benefits is in the skincare arena. Analysis of micro algae has discovered the protective and regenerative nature of this plant’s molecular structure. Alguronic acid was found to be remarkably effective at locking in moisture and Algenist claim it offers excellent anti-aging benefits, whilst microalgae oil was found to revitalise many of the acids and antioxidants found naturally in skin.

An increasing range of products has been stocked by SpaceNK in this country for the last six months and Riddle was able to try the facial mask, the triple-action micropolish peel and the anti-aging SPF 30 moisturiser. The micropolish peel left my skin feeling clean and did not dry it out though after only two usages (the firm recommends using twice a week) there is yet to be any visible difference in the smoothness or brightness of my skin.

The algae brightening mask left my skin feeling moisturised and very smooth. The anti-aging moisturiser – being used as a post shave balm – is excellent. On freshly shaved skin, it was absorbed faster than any other post-shave moisturiser I have recently tried. Leaving no greasy residue, my face felt very soft and supple for many hours after use.

The products are designed for both genders as Algenist’s Sofia Ben Fadhel states, “It is particularly convenient for men who are looking for an all in one product as Sublime Defense (the moisturiser) hydrates, protects from UV damage and air pollution with an SPF 30 and yeast extract….” Given men cleanse and exfoliate through shaving, the various peels and cleansers may appeal more to women. The hydration based products appear excellent though for use as post-shave soothing balms and the occasional indulgence.

Whilst pricey at £65, the moisturiser would be a good bet for anyone who finds other brands either leave a greasy sheen or take a long time to be absorbed into the face. The various micropolish peels do appear to be gathering good reviews from women on the SpaceNK site. riddle_stop 2


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