Alice Made This Geometry Collection

Edwin Blue Brass BraceletAlvar Gold CufflinksAlvar Rhodium Lapel Pin

Stark, Sleek Shapes

With her very masculine and precision engineered aesthetic, Alice Walsh’s latest “Geometry” collection is sure to tempt

Article by Rupert Watkins

In the world of sleek and minimalist gentlemen’s accessories Alice Walsh, the founder of Alice Made This, continues to make waves with her military and engineering inspired creations. Her latest selection continues in this refined vein.

Her Geometry collection is heavily inspired and influenced by aerospace engineering and the precision processes that go with it. Along with many other small British brands, Alice realises that the story and techniques behind the garment or item are critical to engaging and keeping a loyal and interested clientele. Simplicity is key for her cufflinks, studs and tie pins – which are actually precision-turned in an aerospace factory. Details are created by methods such as diamond knurling and countersunk drilling. The links are very clean, one piece and chainless in materials including silver plate and polished brass. She has found her tie pins are especially popular, “they are most certainly a growing market.”

Alice works with a British leather manufacturer in the Midlands using Italian vegetable tanned leather for her belts and bracelets. “We have paired our hardware with precise leather work. Our new pieces work with a tailored, smart or casual look” explains Alice. There is an increasing interest in discreet men’s jewellery; from Beau Brummell onward the mantra has been for males “less is more” as they have traditionally concentrated on links and signet rings. Alice’s Geometry collection plays to this very clean aesthetic, as she says, “it focuses on my passion for sculpture, architecture (incidentally harking back to Beau Brummell’s Regency ideas of masculine proportion and minimalism) and all things primary.”

For this writer the standout pieces are her Alvar rhodium and silver plated cufflinks offering a very pared down sleek look and her casual Edwin leather bracelets. With accessories ranging from £75 for her keyrings to £140 for cufflinks with her belts weighing in at £240, Alice Made This is definitely worth investigating for your own gift list this month. riddle_stop 2




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