In Rain or Shine… Kart

These UK made All Terrain Karts are guaranteed to bring out the soapbox racer in children – of all ages…..

Article by Elizabeth S Moore

How gorgeous are these indestructible, Devon made karts by All Terrain Karts? I bought one for my 19 year old drama student son and it has done sterling service in the snow, in the mud, downhill, on tarmac, being towed, being jumped onto once you have gathered speed….. it is a beautiful piece of kit, and as my son is 6’3″ tall with broad shoulders it’s capable of taking its share of punishment!

This is a high-spec, modern take on the classic soapbox kart.  Even better it’s made in Devon by a British business, and runs off a website which can supply parts, upgrades and modifications.

A few facts that might whet your lips……

  • 12″ mountain-bike fully pneumatic tyres, and a durable plywood and steel frame.
  • A powerful handbrake, padded backrest and CE safety approved.
  • Suitable for children from 7 to 70..!
  • Retails at £159.00 with free UK delivery.

The specifically adult Pro version is designed for petrol head 14 – 70 year olds who want a bit more solidity for their buck, and comes in grown up black.

‘Easy to get set up and ready to charge about in the nearest park or wood….we really could take this anywhere and it would be fun’ Andy Robertson, Geek Dad at

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