Killing Two Birds with one Stone – look Great and Save the Planet!

There are fewer hot topics right now than men’s grooming and environmental sustainability – at least in my opinion. However, hearing them in the same sentence doesn’t happen often enough

Article by Laurence Culloty

As much as I love my grooming products, it’s impossible to ignore the environmental impact the manufacturing and packaging of them create. That’s not to say many companies these days don’t play their role in social responsibility and have processes in place. The question is are they doing enough?

One company that is certainly doing their bit and who have gone above and beyond is Alluvian Aquatic Botanical Grooming. They describe themselves as ‘the point where quality men’s grooming meets sustainable alternatives for a plastic-free lifestyle’. The idea behind Alluvian, was conceived by founder John Cowan who wanted to make a positive difference in how men see themselves as well as guiding them to recognize how their choices can improve our world. Not only is the packaging 100 per cent plastic free but Alluvian are committed to helping aquatic ecosystem and part of the proceeds of every sale is given to non-profit organisations that fight ocean plastic pollution.

So far so good! So how about the products? Well, every item in the range is handcrafted from true ingredients, specifically formulated to offer superior performance. The Alluvian line includes the essential ingredients for a complete shaving routine, from shaving soaps and handcrafted brushes to blades and strops. On top of this, they also offer a full line of products for our bearded brothers. The Alluvian line draws from traditional practices, enhanced with organic elements and it’s safe to say the quality and purity of the ingredients really shines through. After just one week of including Alluvian products in my grooming routine my skin feels refreshed and hydrated.

So gents if you are looking for a way too keep you skin in tip-top condition, and want the added benefit of being able to give yourself a pat on the back for doing your bit for the environment, then give Alluvian a try. riddle_stop 2

Alluvian Aquatic Botanical Grooming will be exhibiting at The Gentleman’s Grooming Show 2016



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