Silk Knows no Borders

Based out of Rotterdam but sourcing his silk from the finest mills in England and Italy and his glove skins from North America, Amidé Hadelin, is a dapper Dutchman

Review by Rupert Watkins

Another tie maker – surely all ties are equal?
Good God no…… In a world where too many ties are stiff, flyweight and shiny, finding an elegant and discreet tie brand is trickier than you might think. If you are seeking understated and chic neckwear, the Rotterdam based Amidé Hadelin could be your answer.

So, what marks his ties out then…?
In a world of horribly thin and lightweight ties, Amidé’s 36 oz ties stand out as having some weight behind them. Rather like slightly heavier suiting, a heavier silk hangs better when you are wearing the tie. I have struggled for many years (aside from looking a vintage ties) to find more weighty ties so the 50 oz Macclesfield printed tie he offers in collaboration with the third-generation brother and sister team at Bigi Milano is top notch and is the finishing touch to an outfit.

Amidé works with mills such as Adamley and Robert Keyte to print the silk for his own label ties and uses a small second-generation family workshop in Apulia, Southern Italy, “they live and breath ties” he remarks. Both his printed and ancient madder 36 oz ties are an elegant accompaniment to a shirt and jacket and drape well when being worn.

Are ties the only thing he produces?
Certainly not, Amidé is a Dutch treasure trove of dapper accessories, he offers pocket squares, sunglasses, gloves, braces and umbrellas. His pocket squares are a wool/silk mix woven and hand rolled in England, a nice alternative to straightforward silk, with good weight enabling all wide range of folds to be used; as with the ties tastefully understated but just allowing a drop of class to peak out of the breast pocket.

OK, so Amidé’s silk items get the thumbs up, what about his other accessories?
A good glove is a worthwhile investment for any man. Being offered in both deer skin and peccary – a type of pig – both skins sourced from North America, Amidé’s gloves are refined and very comfortable. They stretch nicely and have include nice touches such as the button closure at the wrist. They are suede lined, so only having worn them in the mild UK autumn those who suffer from cold extremities might need a thicker, more heavily lined, pair for mid-winter. His braces made from Standeven Glenesk fabric have also proven popular.

I’ve never come across a Dutch gentlemen’s accessory brand before – what gives?
Neither had this reviewer. Intrigued, we asked Amidé about his background. Working in the men’s shoe arena sparked his interest in menswear, “I’ve always had a passion for quality and craftsmanship” he remarks, “I wanted to offer the best I could find with no compromises.” It took – even with his existing contacts – just over a year to bring the idea to the marketplace. The website launched in June 2018. “I think most men in The Netherlands like to distinguish themselves from the masses” Amidé remarks, “the typical Dutchman is not a big fan of uniforms, they do seek out niche high quality products” About 20 per cent of Amidé Hadelin’s customers are currently Dutch.

Cool, so….. worth investing in?
Amidé’s ties and accessories are indeed high quality. His gloves and the 50 oz ties he offers working with Bigi Milano are, for this writer, the standout items. Like any quality brand, they are not cheap, his ties are in the vicinity of £115 – 135, squares £55, and gloves £90 (his peccary gloves are £300). However, any good tie is going to cost you that (more if you just what a status label) so if you’re after quality not bling and want a tie with a bit of life to it, investigate Amidé Hadelin. riddle_stop 2

Being a European brand be aware his site operates in Euros.




For this review, the editor was kindly gifted a number of Amidé Hadelin accessories.

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