A Spirit of Adventure

With retro 1930s panache that belies their price point, Armogan watches offer stylistic bang for your watch buck

Article by Nicolas Payne-Baader

Reading through the press releases of new French Watchmaker: Armogan, there’s something amusingly reminiscent of the film UP. For those unfamiliar with Pixar’s masterpiece the film starts with two kids who are both obsessed with explorer Charles F. Muntz. The duo go around uttering his catch phrase, “Adventure is out there!” whenever and wherever possible and hatching plans to visit all of the most exciting places under the sun. An obsession with adventure and explorers are hardly a new trait in children but it rarely reaches maturity in any meaningful way and most of the time is left in the form of a dusty atlas and half done research.

Reassuringly Armogan seem to have maintained something of their youthful and adventurous spirit. Inspired by characters like Charles Lindbergh and Howard Hughes as well as great racing drivers like Jacky Ickx and Juan Fangio the styling of the watches have managed to produce something of the spirit of a bygone era where lands were still undiscovered.

Whilst the styling is elegant the watches also pack the functionality and reliability you might actually require and expect from this kind of watch, and all for less than two hundred pounds.

The Armogan range currently consists of just two models, both of which pay strong homage to the era of their namesakes : The Le Mans and The Spirit of St. Louis. The watches are by and large how you would expect them to look. The Spirit of St.Louis is particularly nicely designed with a well proportioned face and numbers straight out a 1930s cockpit. The style inspiration certainly owes something to the Longines and Omegas of the 1930s as well as early Heuers with an elegant curve to the numbers, well proportioned date display balanced with a sporty functionality you would want to see in a pilot’s style watch.

The Le Mans also presents well with a simpler face consisting of just two dials with a small date display cantered at the bottom of the watch. The curvature of the glass really makes this style, giving it elegance and distinction rarely seen at this price point.

The word Armogan is from a Mediterranean term for a fine day for setting sail, from this evidence you could cast off with a lot worse. riddle_stop 2

Available in the UK exclusively at Liberty.


Enquiries: www.armogan.com/

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