Get the Under Layer Right and all Flows From There…

Be you a traditional boxer or athletic trunks chap, Augustus Hare’s latest should find a place in the bedroom chest of drawers

Review by Rupert Watkins Photography Andy Barnham

Ah boxer shorts…….. Actually never really a particularly edifying area of sartorial debate. Or perhaps they should be… Most men fall into the two camps, baggier traditional boxers or the tighter fitting trunks and both camps have their loyal adherents. Yet there are pros for each – support from athletic trunks or better ventilation from the boxers. Some medical research has suggested that that particular neck of the woods should be kept a couple of degrees cooler for health and fertility reasons. Or perhaps you’re just not digging the Marky Mark CALVIN’s waistband over the low slung jeans….

I shall put my editor’s best foot forward here and say I am a boxers man. As such Sam Carlisle’s new range of boxer shorts for Augustus Hare fit the bill rather well. Introduced in November 2016, these classically cut numbers are the result of Sam’s desire to offer a premium product – one that simply doesn’t use up bits of shirting as many firms do.

Two details mark out these boxer shorts. Instead of a central seam at the back, Augustus Hare have two seems toward the side and a central panel.  This stops the boxers riding up throughout the day. Secondly a tunnel waist band is used.  The elastic is free floating within the waistband – i.e. it is not stitched in place.  This means it has more flexibility and therefore moves more in line with your movements and the elastic should last longer.

They are certainly very comfortable. Made from Swiss and Italian cottons, the boxers feel soft and cool when on. They are cut perhaps a little longer in the leg than my usual numbers but this does not affect the comfort. The tunnel waist band is comfortable – the size small I have been wearing have sat snugly (note to self… run…) but softly and even under a flat front, tighter cut trouser they remain cool and comfortable.

Sam has spent time looking at various fabrics and, whilst he does use some shirting fabrics (though made for the garment rather than off cuts from shirt manufacturing), he has produced a range in offbeat textures or patterns. Carrying on the concept of his colourful ties in having a modern twist on a traditional garment, though these boxers are pricey at £36 for those looking for all day comfort – or those athletic jocks wanting something a little more stylish for a comfortable night’s sleep – it’s worth checking Augustus Hare’s elegant undergarments out. Get the base layer right and everything else falls into place. riddle_stop 2



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