Where There is no Wine, There is no Love

Launching online today, The Australian Cellar aims to bring the passion and energy of Australian wines to the UK

Starting as an online platform, The Australia Cellar founder Melanie Brown hopes the site will become a platform and forum explaining the stories, people and passion behind Australian new world wines. The Australian Cellar comes of the back of Mel’s first venture, which she is hoping to emulate, The New Zealand Cellar. A Kiwi herself, Mel launched The New Zealand Cellar online in 2014 followed by a physical presence in POP Brixton in 2015, bringing a diverse and less well known selection of premium New Zealand wines to the UK market. Showcasing the best wines from the country’s finest vineyards Mel worked tirelessly to introduce people to new and enticing wines.

“On a recent trip to Australia, I was struck by the strength of its offering,” says Mel. “Australia is the second largest supplier to the UK by consumption in large part due to the high volumes sold in supermarkets, yet the strength, diversity and passion of the country’s winemakers is severely underrepresented.” Supported by Australian wine experts, Mel aims to use The Australian Cellar and its social media channels to offer insight, wit and expertise starting with Australian freelance drinks journalist and wine judge Mike Bennie. Discussing the Natural Wine Movement, Mike will offer his insight on the Aussie wine world and how it fits into the global stage. Dan Sims, Australia based founder of Pinot Palooza will also feature.

Mel aims to bring the platform to life with regular pop ups and events as well as hosting visiting producers and an Australian spin on The New Zealand Cellar’s ‘Garage Sales’ which brings together producers, live music and party vibes to wine tasting events. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: The Australian Cellar

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