Jo Gregory

The Egg Freezing Boom

Saving Eggs for a Rainy Day More and more women are leaving motherhood until later in life but what if you don’t know if kids are on the agenda. Do you freeze ...

The Journey of Self Love

Self Love Brings Beauty Just over six months ago our columnist was a different woman to the one writing to you today. From self-loathing to self-love Column b...

Dating for the Outdated

‘To Tinder, or not to Tinder,’ App is the Question Tired of hearing people bang on about her getting on dating apps, our columnist decides to road-test them ...

A Letter to my Present Self

Advice for the Modern Woman It’s been four months since our columnist returned home a single woman from her trip around Europe and there’s a few things to say ...

El Pirata

Mayfair meets Madrid The quirky El Pirata bar is a place you can hang up your coat after a long day at the office or end your evening with a night cap Review ...
Jo Gregory

Jo Gregory


A born and bred south Londoner, Jo is a self-confessed lover of all things relating to food, travel and risk taking. After graduating from BRIT School, she went on to have a flourishing career in music & media for over ten years before becoming a writer. She is currently spending her time partying in Cannes, sky diving and taking a time out, because she can.

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