Rupert Watkins

VE Day 70 Years On

The Day the Lights Came Back On    As the country wakes up to find a new government - or not -  70 years ago today people woke up to peace  On May 7th 1945, A...

The Stamp of Approval

The Stamp of Approval In an era of international luxury, what does the Royal Warrant continue to signify? Article by Rupert Watkins Photo by Deniz Karagull...

City Tailors: Square Mile Style

Square Mile Style  City institution Couch & Hoskin continues to thrive elegantly and quietly, with an exemplary "show-don't-tell" attitude to their craft ...
Rupert Watkins

Rupert Watkins

Managing Editor

After graduating from St Andrews University, Rupert attended RMA Sandhurst before commissioning into the Royal Artillery and serving for seven years. His long-term interest in bespoke menswear was further piqued by going to Savile Row tailors for his uniforms. Aside from this, he has a keen interest in 18th and 19th Century British art and is an enthusiastic - if highly inexpert - polo player.

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