Embrace that Autumnal Feeling

Dreading the onset of shorter days? Brush up the home and add a cosy touch or two as the leaves start to turn for another year

With the light drizzle that seems to be a permanent fixture on our windows and the fact that you might have had to swallow your pride and switch on the heating already, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we are currently in the throes of autumn.

If you’re still in mourning for the summer that never was, we’ve got some top tips to help you fully transition to the season of pumpkins, bonfires and falling leaves. And if you’re one of those who love the season and have been filling up on seasonal lattes with glee, then indulge yourself in a little autumnal inspiration…

We’ve heard that the autumn clean is the new spring clean, and in ‘spider season’ the rather unusual Cobweb Broom will soon become a necessity. Find a beautifully crafted beech wood brush at The Oxford Brush Company, which will see you through many a battle with the remnants of an eight legged friend (or foe).

If you’re inclined to curl up with a book on these cosy evenings, keep your beloved read in good condition with a Book Brush, again from the Oxford Brush Company. If you’re feeling generous, this also makes the perfect present for a fellow bookworm.

Once the house is spotless, one of the next great joys is decoration – give your town house the ‘country pile’ treatment by utilising the finest feathers that nature has to offer. Wingfield Digby weave theirs into all manner of homeware, but the photo frames, trays and placemats are a particular favourite.

Their single wick candles also add a warm glow to the dreariest of days. If you’re not quite ready for the incredibly festive ‘Winter Warmth’ scent, their Greenhouse Tomato and Grapefruit, Lime and Basil scents are uplifting and feature your choice of beautifully hand-pressed Guinea Fowl, Cock Pheasant or Hen Pheasant feathers.

If you’re looking for a slightly more unusual addition to your autumn desk, keep clutter at bay with this extraordinary sustainable Pen Holder and Trinket Tray from East African Trading Company. Each piece is truly unique, hand-crafted from Ankole cow horn and locally produced by talented artisans in a small town in Uganda.

And finally, embrace the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate autumn warmer and drinks cabinet staple; one of Foxdenton Estate Gin’s selection of fabulous fruit gins. If you do have to brave the cold of an evening, enjoy them on the go in a personalised hip flask from Atlas & I – another idea to pencil down on your Christmas list. It’s never too early to start planning… riddle_stop 2

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