Temporary Hibernation

Autumn brings a different beauty challenge. Plunging temperatures and central heating dry out the skin and lips begin to crack. Some transitional skincare is needed

Article by Lauren Naylor

Despite being a sun lover (Vitamin D anyone?) Autumn is my favourite season, and it’s where all the magic starts for me. It’s the time to ditch the poolside sushi, the ultra-healthy quinoa and avocado salads, and indulge in hearty food – the more cheese, red wine and stodge, the better!

Now’s the time to switch derriere-skimming hot pants and unforgiving bikinis for something more relaxed (and warm). With less skin on show, it also means less faff furiously shaving excess body hair and trying to conceal any tanning fails.

This auspicious time of year also means getting a cache of loungewear, cuddly blankets, and woolly socks to induce warm fuzzy feelings, plus did I mention we are always guaranteed a great line up on TV as we head to chillier temps.

There’s something pretty spectacular about the ochre, yellow and russet tones of Autumn, as the leaves cascade from the trees and have me donning my wellies for long walks (quicker than I can part with a fiver for a seasonal gingerbread latte).

This time of year also affords us the option of dressing like an idiot for Halloween, toasting marshmallows in honour of Bonfire Night and screaming like a wild banshee at fireworks. It also means we’re getting that one step closer to the big event – Christmas.

But with it, Autumn weather brings biting temperatures, and when paired with central heating this can make your skin feel parched tight and dry. With the crackling fires brings cracked lips, and the bright and crisp skies can only highlight your imperfections. The lighter serums and surface hydrators you relied upon in summer are no longer cutting it, and more robust transitional beauty items are needed.

Give your beauty regime a seasonal shake-up with our selection of Autumn-friendly beauty buys to pamper, prep and rejuvenate skin before the ultra-cold temperatures set in.

Good Hair Nutrient Complex, £32.99, Kanshaalchemy.co.uk
These ‘great hair every day’ nutritional supplements contain a unique blend of 20 carefully selected vitamins, and minerals, such as biotin, selenium, zinc and keratin building amino acids.

The blend of ingredients helps to keep hair healthy, thick and shiny while maintaining hair at the anagen stage, meaning there is far less shedding.  Thanks to the multivitamins you’ll re-emerge with better nails and skin too!

Balm Kind, £13, balmkind.co.uk
Lips need love and care all year round; this amino-acid rich balm will ensure lips are continuously moisturised, unlike other balms that just create an artificial barrier and hold in existing water content.

With a beautiful blend of oat lipids, fruit and plant oils plus natural antiviral ingredients – you can rest assured your lips will never be cracked or dry again.

Murad Hydro-Glow Aqua Peel, £34.00, Johnlewis.com
If your skin is In need of an instant shot of hydration, this quick and easy to use mask helps replenish, soothe and nourish skin.

It comes with an oversized swap pre-soaked with a blend of lactic and glycolic acids to gently exfoliate the skin, while the moisture infusion mask infuses hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3 and aloe extract. Your skin will thank you!

Natural Spa Factory Winter Pear & Pumpkin Scrub, £20, naturalspafactory.com
Slough away dead skin cells with this efficacious scrub made using a blend of buttery pumpkin, vinous winter pear, and warming cinnamon. Team those ingredients with black nigella seeds for earthiness, and coarse sea salt to successfully exfoliate and prep skin for your winter hibernation.

Tweezy, £10, tweezy.co.uk
The bright Autumn skies will highlight parched and dry skin, not to mention any peach fuzz and rogue hairs. We love this nifty heat-free, chemical-free and electricity free tool which removes facial fuzz in one easy twist. It’ll leave skin silky smooth with a better canvas for your make-up to sit.

Skin Brush, £20, Espaskincare.com
Let’s get one thing straight; no amount of lotions and potions saturating the beauty market will get rid of cellulite. But a daily dry body brush is proven to help lessen that pesky ‘orange peel’ effect, as well as a having a plethora of other beauty benefits.

First and foremost, a daily body brush helps to exfoliate your skin give limbs a smoother and firmer feel. Yes, it might be cold, and you may not want to add this to your regime before jumping into the shower, but dry body brushing will help with lymphatic drainage and blood circulation by revealing brighter and smoother skin. That’s not to mention helping shed dulling dead skin cells and boosting your immune system through stimulating the lymphatic system.

Elizabeth Arden – Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Night Serum Capsules, £42, elizabetharden.co.uk
Emerge from Autumn with your best skin yet, with these potent capsules containing proven anti-aging ingredient retinol (Vitamin A), ceramides and youth-restoring peptides.

Skin rejuvenating retinol helps to promote cell turnover, while ceramides reinforce the moisture barrier of the skin and protect against dryness usually associated with retinol-based products. The pre-dosed capsules are best used at night and designed to be the just the right amount.

The reason they’re encapsulated is that retinol is sensitive to light and air and this makes these particular capsules 76 per cent more effective than non-encapsulated equivalents. Look forward to an improvement in texture and tone and visibly reduced fine lines within as little as a month. riddle_stop 2

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