Sea and Snow

From his first “Beast from the East” through to exploring rock pools, Luther has been out and about

Column by Lara Protheroe

The month of March saw us squeezing into the Octavia, now sporting a streamlined Thule top box to allow for slightly more breathing space in the vehicle itself, and heading to the West Country. After a false start caused by a flat battery (hands up that might have been my fault for leaving the iPad charger plugged in) a neighbourly jump start later and we set off on holiday.

A stopover in Somerset allowed us to ditch some of our load at our country abode, and early the next day we took the smooth, clear run to The Greenbank Hotel in the centre of Falmouth. This glorious hotel overlooks quaint Flushing village on the opposite shore and we breathed in deeply of the Cornish air and instantly hit holiday mode.

It is amusing to think that a year ago we were flying to Tenerife with an extremely air sick one year old Luther. I vowed not to fly again for a long time and the experience was clearly awful enough that time has not eroded the strawberry vomit horrors and I’ve not booked another flight since. Our Spanish break was far from relaxing as both sleeping and eating were considered cheating by the child and I came back feeling like a spent dairy cow.

Holidaying in the UK in comparison has been amazing. We’ve really enjoyed exploring Cornwall and this second trip to Falmouth was eagerly anticipated. There is something about the light and the air sets my soul at ease. This holiday Luther just seemed to get it and enjoy every new experience, exploring our suite at the Greenbank with glee, delighting in the boats bobbing around outside our window. Rock pooling, eating prawns, meeting dogs and new people and exploring everywhere meticulously. It was all taken in his stride.

We embraced both the sun and the storm that was the precursor to The Beast from the East. When the rains hit we had moved location to the other side of Falmouth and were ensconced in one of the new luxury apartments at Merchants Manor. Equipped with huge sitting room and kitchen, two bedrooms and two shower rooms…and a hot tub we couldn’t have been better placed for a seriously rainy day.

By the time we left Cornwall we all had that ‘first played in a rock pool’ type of glee and made our way back to Somerset to continue our holiday. The snowy beast soon landed and it was incredibly beautiful. The hill out of the village was impassable and we decided to stay put for the week, giving our builders time to carry on ripping out our bathroom and get as far as plumbing back in a bath and toilet for our return.

The snow was soft and thick and magical. Luther was transfixed and we spent hours throwing snow into the pond. We spotted deer and rabbits picked out against the white landscape.

The snows have long since melted away and with it my sense of spring has emerged. I’ve been looking for family events and was thrilled to discover Elderflower Fields – a three-day festival, designed especially for families and packed full of music, nature and the arts, all set in the heart of the beautiful Sussex countryside. I’ve set about planning our costumes! And on that theatrical note, Brighton’s open air theatre, BOAT, has a gem on this May as they are showing The Adventures of Robin Hood. I think Luther might be of an age to appreciate the show and I am excited to see his reaction to the performance. riddle_stop 2

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