“I’m so Glad I live in a World where there are Octobers.” – L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I say bring on the cashmere and carving tools….


Column by Lara Protheroe

We have moved into autumn. It’s October, and I love October.  In fact, as soon as September starts I get excited about the onset of October: I just adore it! I was born in this month so maybe it’s my time of year. I’m over summer, it has been tricky with a small baby, bright sunlight, hats, sun cream, sweaty ‘stroller back’ do not a happy baby make. Bring on leather boots, denim, cosy baby grows, cute Bonnie Mob cashmere hats with ears, and cuddles under blankets reading Frankenstein and Dracula board books by the amazing Baby Lit.

October heralds the approach of Halloween. I’ve always embraced Halloween. I’m not sure why, as my parents have no interest in it at all. My inner Wednesday Addams has always loved black lipstick and Goth clothing, bonfires and pumpkins, the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and Washington Irving, and a good dose of kitsch thrown into the cauldron. No one else around me really gets it, but my husband willingly dresses up and paints himself to be a werewolf/zombie/creature of the night. Over the years, I’ve infiltrated his mind that Halloween is a calendar date not to be ignored. Even when we lived in Istanbul he marched round trying to find a shop selling the right sort of rope to make a noose tie for his outfit. I wanted to decorate our living room but our local Turkish grocery store only sold a few extortionately priced pumpkins to appease the American expats and I got there too late, so I ended up carving small round courgettes and popping candles inside them. FYI much easier to carve than a pumpkin!

Last year we honeymooned in the USA. It was September. I gleefully bought magazines dedicated to Halloween. I’ll repeat myself… dedicated to Halloween. I mean seriously, America might have some things to answer for but their Halloween obsession is not one of them. We trawled large drug stores for spooky paraphernalia and I even bought my then unborn baby Luther his ‘my first Halloween’ card. As part of our road trip, we visited the enticing pumpkin farms dotted along the Californian coast. l’ve never felt so content! We swept up to one pumpkin farm along Big Sur in our white drop-top Mustang in glorious sunshine. Once out of the car and in the enormous field surrounded by hundreds of glorious pumpkins and a cardboard cut-out of The Grim Reaper, an icy mist descended that meant we shivered our way back to the car and had to put the top back up and head towards San Francisco in an atmospheric murky soup. To some this might have spelled a dismal end to the day; to me it added to the excitement that Halloween was just round the corner.

I hope Luther enjoys Halloween. I’d love to put on Halloween parties for him and his little friends: black toffee apples, gingerbread men/skeletons, jelly worms made using drinking straws, mozzarella ghosts on pizza, stuffed grape eyeballs, bones bread sticks, painting the dog to be a skeleton with UV paint…oh the possibilities! And that doesn’t even touch on costumes.

I’ve decided this October is dress-up month for Luther. The child in me loves dressing up. I hope my child likes dressing up too! His Greentom stroller is bright orange and it should be fairly easy to pimp-kin it out (see what I did there?). He’s already got a pumpkin babygrow that we bought in California and Daddy returned from town last week with a ghoul t-shirt with ‘little monster’ on the back, a glow in the dark ghost baby grow and leggings with spooky critters on – he knows me so well! It was honestly one of the highlights of my week. His Aunty Sara has given Luther some glorious striped leggings from Blade and Rose, with a pumpkin on the bottom. Maybe I’ll end up living a perpetual Halloween in my old age, a bit like those people you read about who celebrate Christmas Day every day. And why not…

See you in November for Bonfire Night! riddle_stop 2


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