I do Like to be Beside the Seaside…

A break in Cornwall was deemed a safer option than a disruptive flight abroad. With several exceedingly child friendly options, Baby thoroughly enjoyed himself

Column by Lara Protheroe

The last two months have seen an enormous change in Luther. He’s nearly 18 months old: he has said his first words “cheese”, “bye-bye” and “pear.” He’s outgrown his first pair of proper boots. He’s started to climb the furniture – I recently found him atop the filing cabinet reaching across a perilous gap to turn on the TV. He runs up when asked if he wants a cuddle and engages his arms. He brings me books to read to him, and when he’s tired of running around will even sometimes sit and read them to himself. Our baby is a now a little boy.

After the puke-inducing flight to Tenerife and the challenges of entertaining a routine-disrupted infant at a hotel resort (despite its many and various attractions), we were unsure as to the best approach to take to our summer holiday. Domestic seemed safer, so we motored down into Cornwall via a couple of nights in Somerset.

The break in Cornwall really was sublime. We started out at the luxurious Watergate Bay Hotel, built into the cliffs over a truly awe-inspiring beach and seascape. The swimming pool, complete with panoramic picture window, was a real hit, as were the nearby eateries and the long buggy-walks along the sand, exploring cliff caves and rock pools.

Thence to the Bedruthan Hotel which, despite its somewhat underwhelming exterior, is home to the most child-friendly hotel accommodation I have yet had the pleasure to come across: indoor and outdoor pools, playground and – best of all – a jungle gym with ball pools and even two Funhouse-style obstacle courses – seemingly an attraction for the more venturesome parents as well as kids and tots alike. Kids’ tea time is a stroke of genius – an opportunity for toddlers to coat themselves and their surroundings in humus and mashed potato without any need for hot-faced embarrassment on the part of the parents, all of whom are caught up in the same delightful chaos.

Falmouth has long been a firm favourite of mine and we started out at The Sandy Duck, a brand new luxury B&B. It’s immaculately done out, maintaining a real family house feel whilst discreetly slipping all manner of luxury touches into the interior design of each individually-styled room. We loved the place and the owner – Luther loved her most of all, and her friendly little dog, Rhubarb, whom he coaxed out to play.

We finished up with a night at the Star & Garter, a gastro pub (with serious gastro cred) with two stylish self-contained flats above it – each with a fine view over Falmouth Harbour. We enjoyed a superb lunch and a fine supper courtesy of the pub kitchen, and spent much of our time gazing out at the marvellous vista of moored vessels, and the opposite hillside dotted with quaint properties, plotting our future migration to one or other of them.

Finally, let it be immortalised in the annals that after almost 18 months of motherhood I’ve had my first day out sans Luther.  The iron-clad apron strings were loosened for a whole nine hours whilst I attended a dear friend’s baby shower in London and the husband was entrusted with all aspects of infant care. I thoroughly enjoyed not having to stuff my handbag with nappies, wipes, spare clothes and beakers. I dressed up like a girl about town and skipped aboard the train with nary a buggy in tow. Not once did I anxiously demand an update from the husband (who had been looking forward to his Big Day with Luther ever since it went into the calendar some months ago), but he gleefully kept me updated with photos of their numerous exploits. Upon my return, Luther looked up from his bath toys for one brief moment before returning to the serious business of splashing and pouring. Nice to know that he missed me… riddle_stop 2


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