A Baby’s First Christmas

Yes, it may be six weeks off still but that’s not stopping our columnist from getting seriously excited about baby’s first seasonal festivities…

Column by Lara Protheroe

Let’s face it, Luther will only be 11 months old and isn’t going to remember it, but that isn’t stopping me being seriously excited about his first Christmas. I mean, I’ll remember it forever even if he won’t; but he’ll see the photos in years to come and I’m so looking forward to celebrating it as a family. Christmas is all about children and he’s going to love the lights on the tree, the atmosphere of excitement and that lovely wrapping paper to throw about the place!

When Luther’s Daddy and I got together I made him a big red stocking with his name sewed onto it in felt, and each Christmas I sew something new onto the back of it: a sprig of felt holly with red beads for berries, a snowflake with iridescent sequins, and other such seasonal icons. After a good old rummage in my bits and bobs boxes, I was thrilled to find that I’ve got some identical red fabric left over and have started sewing a matching stocking for Luther. I’m hoping it will be ready in time, but it’s remarkably hard to brandish a needle whilst a tiny critter is pulling itself up to standing using your leg flesh as a handle and reaching out for any and all objects that you have the temerity to hold and seek to deny him.

The presents I’m getting for Luther are sort of going to be for me. Well, ok they’ll all be for my ultimate gratification rather than his. All he really wants are my fascinating jangling house keys and to get into the dishwasher; and Blade and Rose striped leggings with a Christmas pudding on the bum will only be appreciated by those seeing the bum!

A festive outfit is a must, and what better mum-dulgence than dressing him as a reindeer! I have found some leather deer feet shoes and matching hat from Donsje. I mean: I’ll have my own little reindeer. Seriously. Is Instagram even ready for that?!

I am rather thrilled that Luther is at a stage where he can eat some mashed up Christmas dinner with us. His Bloom Nano Urban Highchair means he’ll be elevated at the table and amidst all the toasting, scoffing and cracker-pulling action. He’ll love to preside over the festive proceedings and throw stuffing at the rest of the family.

We like to take a walk on Christmas Day and Luther has a gorgeous soft, organic cashmere bear hat with ears (and matching trousers (without ears)) from local Brighton company The Bonnie Mob. He’ll also get to wear some gorgeous lace-up, brown suede boots from UK-based company Mooi by Lienkie. I only wish they made adult sizes!

There’s got to be something for the nursery… I’ve been coveting Ketchup on Everything’s ABC poster ever since I saw it in a cafe in Hove. It is beautifully drawn and is such fun, with acrobatic ants and a unicycling unicorn. It will look lovely on Luther’s nursery wall and will hopefully help him learn letters and animals.

Australia has some really fantastic nursery and kids products and Antipodream is a new UK-based store bringing them to this side of the world. Luther’s nursery doesn’t have a mirror and a rainbow version will be a lovely way to bounce coloured light around his room.

I am a sucker for anything quirky, and toys don’t get any better than the selection from Acne Jr – a Swedish company – with style and hipness that you’ll struggle to match. Luther will be getting a huge soft apple complete with white worm crawling out of it; and there is also a wooden trinket box carved in oak in the shape of a skull. I love skulls, so Luther can like it or lump it but I hope he’ll enjoy it when he is older and it will be special to tell him that it was a present on his first Christmas. We’ll write him a little letter this Christmas and pop it inside with a photo.

A gift for Luther from Daddy is a funky baby trucker hat. Sydney-based company Billie and the Kid Apparel have tiny trucker hats you can customise, and we’ve kitted one out with an embroidered Thundercats logo patch. We both loved the series when younger and have the full box-set to amuse Luther (or at least ourselves) with when he’s a bit bigger.

For me (and here I can only hope the husband is reading), I’d love a jumper and what better than a collaboration from Bonnie Mob v Selfish Mother #GoodTees. There are also matching baby-grows for ultimate twinning. £10 from each jumper (and £5 from each baby grow) goes to the charity: Refugee Support. The charity are working hard to help refugees in Greece, and helping women that are having to give birth in the camps. Refugee Support now pay for all mothers and their new-born babies to stay in accommodation off the camp with full board for an initial period of five days postpartum to protect them.

I’m a huge fan of Baby Lit. If you’ve got to read a book over and over (and over) again then ideally you need to like it. Shortened classics are wonderful, and I like the idea that I’ve read Luther Anna Karenina and A Christmas Carol three times in one morning! The illustrations are fantastic and the thick board pages will be impossible for even Luther’s vicelike grip and preternatural homunculus strength to rip.

I was looking around for something that was Christmas-related without just being limited to Christmas, and the star that is so prominent in the Christmas story seemed a lovely idea. A Little Bit Milo has a very sweet star nightlight and it’ll be the perfect practical gift for him to have at this time of year.

So there’s a sneak peek into Luther’s stocking (itself still under construction). If you see him – mum’s the word! riddle_stop 2


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