Beards in 2016

From Shoreditch to Savile Row, facial follicles are flourishing as a dapper style statement

Article by Tom Chapman of Pall Mall Barbers 

There was a time, in years gone by, that you could be excused for thinking beards were exclusive to people working in East London coffee shops, coupled with vintage denim, which in turn was accompanied by two full sleeves of tattoos. Not anymore.

This is 2016 and facial hair (beards in particular) is widely accepted as an extension of men’s style and fashion. Whether you’re in Shoreditch House or walking down Savile Row, nowadays you’re just as likely to see a comprehensive range of carefully-sculpted beards and ‘taches and everything in-between…

Whilst it used to be socially unacceptable to be anything but clean shaven when turning up to an important business meeting, wedding or other formal event, facial hair is now widely accepted as a style-statement as much as a newly-tailored suit, or a sharp new haircut.

In terms of the trends we’ve seen so far this year; quite a few of our longer bearded customers have taken to adding prominent shape in the beard yet tapering the neck and cheeks in to give longevity to the beard style. The younger gentlemen have been sticking to more manageable, shorter beard styles that require regular trimming with a singular grade all over.

Big beards take regular attention and grooming to maintain the shape and fullness whereas shorter beards, by contrast, can often require less maintenance. Are you thinking about growing a little bit of facial-fuzz in the coming months? Factors like; the shape of the haircut, the shape of the face, beard density and desired look are all vital elements that should be considered.

The beard should flow into the haircut. If there are steps and dramatic changes in density or shape, this can make it look like Mum has got the kitchen scissors out and had a bit of a snip of your beard. For example, if your face is round then try stretching the face out with a longer beard and add height to your haircut in the form of a quiff.

We often have clients come in for trims, restyles and beard-maintenance. Here are four of the most common styles we’ve seen in the first half of the year:

The Double Moustache Edwardian
This is a modern take on a historic classic and suits oblong, triangular and oval shaped faces. It requires time and dedication to let your beard grow to this length! The beard is longer at the front of the chin and graduates into the neck. The sides of the beard should start at the shortest point of the haircut and reverse fade into the jaw. Allowing the moustache to grow over the lip creates the double moustache; it is then separated into sections and twisted using Pall Mall Barbers Moustache Wax.

Shorter beard
Suiting all face-shapes. The short beard should be loosely lined out, the fade on the back and sides of the haircut is connected through the cheeks with a little more length on the moustache and chin, to add softness to the more prominent areas. Some occasional maintenance around the cheeks coupled with not letting the beard drop below the Adam’s apple should be carried out to ensure your look is consistent and smart.

A short stubble beard with no lining out only tapering
This suits gentlemen who have a chiselled face that needs softening. Lining out the beard only adds to the prominence of the jaw. Fading the neck and cheeks in on a shorter grade will soften the whole of the face.

This is also a great look for any gentlemen that suffer with shaving rash, as at no point a razor touches the face. Be sure, if the beard is shorter, that an exfoliator is used to lift the hair (this prevents ingrown hairs) and use a good light moisturiser to get both into the face and the stubble.

Full beard tapered edges
Suited to those with diamond or triangular shaped faces, the full beard with tapered edged will accentuate your facial features to the max, and is definitely someone you’ll come across a lot this year. For the gentlemen that prefer a fuller beard all the way through, consider a slight fade on the edges of the beard. This allows the short hair on the back and sides to blend into the rest of haircut. Allow your moustache to grow down past the lip and once it has more length, the moustache can be parted and blends into the rest of the beard.

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