This is Why you Can’t get in Shape

Matt explores the real reason why you can’t get in shape and what to do about it

Fitness Column by Matt Kay

There is so much fantastic information available. Information you do not have to pay a penny for and obtain within seconds at a touch of a button. There is literally no reason why you can’t get in the best shape of your life.  So why are our gyms busier than ever before? Why, when there are excellent nutrition and exercise programmes online for free, do people pay their hard earned cash to work with people like us?

If information is all we need, we would all be billionaires with six packs. The reason why so many people cannot make it work has nothing to do with information. In fact here is all the information you ever need to do get in incredible shape:

  • Train six times per week
  • Eat clean every day
  • Go to bed early and sleep well
  • Drink lots of water
  • Spend 30 minutes every day working on de-stressing strategies

These are the five things that you need to do consistently for the rest of your life to transform your body, but we all know it is not that simple. There is something beyond information that drives your choices. To change your body you have to change your habits and to change your habits you have to change the way you think.


The only way you will ever be able to live your life in the body you want is to understand first where your head is at. To help you better understand and quantify this take our FITMIND Scorecard that you can find in my earlier article. When you understand where your head is you can then start writing down, planning and committing to habits that are right for you. To suggest what is right for you is impossible without understanding first how you scored. Here is a very basic guide based on the FITISM FITMIND Scorecard I outlined in same article:

FITMIND Score: 33-40

If you desire dramatic changes to your body shape your mind is ready. Applying habits close to the list of five steps as listed above would be appropriate for you.

FITMIND Score: 25-32

A moderate approach is going to be the best approach for you. You are in a good place to make positive changes but do not go too big too soon. Make sure the habits you choose are sensible, appropriate for you, push you, but do not stretch you too far.

FITMIND Score 4-24

Simple, sensible habits are what you need to focus on. If you are at the lower end of this score focus first on your confidence, address what is most important in your life, become mindful of what you really want. If you score around 13-19 focus on simple changes; brown bread for white bread, go to bed one hour earlier, reduce your 10 coffees per day down to 5. Keep it simple and aim to achieve and build on the small wins.

Making habits stick is all about applying new habits consistently over time. If you cannot sustain a new habit it is not right for you. This article will help you better understand the science behind habit change. There is a beautiful irony in this approach. It is the complete opposite way round to the way most people approach body transformation yet the impact it has on your physical body is powerful.

So my take home message for you is this… Information is not where the answers lie. The answer to living your life in the body you want for the rest of your life exists in your head. Start there, apply the right habits and body transformation will follow.

Enjoy the journey. riddle_stop 2


In my next article I am going to explore the alternative ways 40 year olds should consider investing in their health in 2017. 

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