BNY = Brand New Year & Brand New You

Small steps can start you on a path to taking better care of yourself, de-clutter your head and allow the best version of you to shine through

Article by Malcolm Levene

Helping you to discover your Personal Brand at this time of year is fortuitous. So let’s begin the New Year with a Brand New You! I’m sure you’ve either read or heard some of this stuff before. I know I have. However, this time it’s different, as I don’t intend to repeat or preach, but to advise & recommend. For starters, have you made any New Year resolutions? Perhaps you’ve decided to eat healthier, or join a gym, maybe be more attentive about your appearance. In order to begin, I’d like to suggest you do something relatively small. Could be getting a haircut. Maybe ensuring your shoes are clean/polished, or maybe folding & tidying your clothes. If you’re thinking, What’s in it for me? For a start, you’ll raise your level of self esteem. In addition, you’ll declutter your brain.

In effect, think that you are at the beginning of a transition to self-care. It’s self-care that most of the super-successful people treat as a priority. Not saying you should over indulge, far from it. Am saying, put a toe in the water see how it feels. In the event you don’t feel any better about you, don’t give up. Try again, this time do something completely new. For instance, if getting a haircut made no difference, get your shoes repaired & polished. As I’ve intimated, nothing too extreme. As you continue to add something new, like a jigsaw puzzle each piece will start to reveal a more complete, accurate picture of you. I might add, it’ll be a more authentic version of you.

These days much is talked about being more authentic. In business authenticity is discussed at board meetings and at HR meetings. Quite the topic of conversation. If you are thinking, what’s this got to do with me? The answer is a great deal. By just aspiring to being more authentic you are bringing your Personal Brand to life.

Also, you are clearing your head of the dreaded to-do list. Even though not everything is consciously on the list, waiting subconsciously like a cloud hovering, it’s there ready to burst and then pore down with rain. That may sound a tad dramatic; I assure you it’s not, as any build up of thoughts and  challenges can cause a clog. And like a clogged drain, it needs the attention of a plumber. I’m asking you to be your own plumber. And like any successful expert, when they began their journey they were all beginners. When is the best time to start? Actually, now, whilst the New Year is still relatively new.

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As it is a Brand New Year. let us all begin it with a partially Brand New You. I say, partially so as not to convey any pressure or deadline. Let’s consider one small improvement to our lives. For me, taking my clothes to the dry cleaner, and getting shoes repaired. Remember, begin with baby-steps and observe that with more experiences how you improve.

Unlike many today, who believe in immediate gratification, my point of view differs. It’s not about who comes first, or who achieves more. The focus should be to make improvements at your own speed. Most importantly, you set yourself a target about when you intend to complete the task.

But remember, there’s no clock running, you chose when you will begin and finish the task.

It’s likely to be helpful if you choose a buddy, someone you trust, perhaps admire. This way, you can discuss your intentions with a colleague/friend. Therefore, you’ll feel less alone & have someone to answer to. Maybe help each other out if you become confused or overwhelmed. Don’t worry about asking for help, you are not displaying weakness. Fact is, asking for help is considered a strength, as it takes courage to ask.

Some thoughts:

  • Remember, you are not alone in your endeavours
  • Trust those gut feelings
  • It’s about the 3 Ps: Patience. Persistence. Perseverance
  • Focus on being grateful for you do have
  • Your life isn’t a rehearsal, so live it
  • Being desirous of feeling happier is a worthy aspiration
  • Don’t allow your emotions determine outcomes of important decision-making
  • Change before you have to riddle_stop 2


Malcolm is presenting a seminar on Brand New Year, Brand New You at London Metropolitan University on Tuesday February 12th. 

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