Brixton’s Beach

Despite huge kudos for the effort, Brixton Rooftop’s beach may just be outgunned by the English summer weather

Review by Tori Snowball

If you love the English seaside, damp sand and all, then Brixton could have the answer. Just close your eyes and drink until you feel warm.

I can imagine on a lovely sunny day and not a grey Thursday and with a large group of people Brixton beach can be fun. Once you get through the slightly intimidating security. After all who doesn’t love a theme? It’s a little bit Caribbean beach shack and a little bit English beer garden. Avec sand, although I probably wouldn’t take your shoes off…

The idea, bars and pop-up restaurants and events. The line-up on the weekends looked pretty good. We attended the Thursday BBQ session with optional salsa dancing,  and only spectated as I have a natural fear of being led on the dance (sand) floor. Good bars and fairly good music. Instead of BBQ we opted for the Caribbean Japanese fusion- chicken marsh with plantaine and scotch bonnet chicken wings; pretty good, although there was limited choice that night. Thank god for my favourite frozen margarita machine.

There are covered places for those seeking shelter from any inclement weather. On our particular night there was some form of Miami Vice themed crew. Props for the effort, they were going for it on the dance floor.

But if you like any of the following: cold beers and frozen margaritas (yes), damp sand on a rooftop (no), watching people dance terribly (yes), inflatable flamingos (yes), struggling with a brave face through an English summer and autumn (mixed emotions) then Brixton has the answer. riddle_stop 2


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