The Business Travel Guide to London

Home to various industries, London has long been renowned as a global business hub. Unsurprisingly, scores of professionals flock here every year.


In 2017, roughly 39.2 million people came to the city from overseas. Many of these visitors will have no doubt been there to fulfil work duties. And this number will most likely have increased since.

So, what’s the best way to travel to London on business?

Where to Stay
Long gone are the days when employee lodgings were confined to budget B&Bs. Now, business accommodation is a booming industry – and it’s clear to see why.

The better the facilities, the more likely overseas companies are to send employees back to the city. As a result, they may be more inclined to invest in London-based firms.

Luxury accommodation provides a win-win situation. And this is why corporate serviced apartments have become so popular within recent years.

Specialists like Silver Door Apartments can guarantee quality, comfort and – most importantly – privacy.

So, if you seek all these benefits, look no further than this form of accommodation.

What to Do
As you may already know, business trips aren’t all about work. More professionals than ever are demanding time for recreational activities while travelling with work – and rightly so.

Employees that receive access to this could develop a healthier work-life balance. Bleisure is becoming increasingly prevalent in work ventures.

A portmanteau of ‘business’ and ‘pleasure’, its name suggests its function: a trip that provides ample space for productivity and relaxation.

To achieve this, companies may want to ensure that representatives can readily partake in activities and recreational pursuits.

Better still, directors could assign each employee to accommodation that’s within – or near – to areas that provide the space and facilities to perform their hobby.

That way, they can do everything possible to make sure that travelling team members are content.

This may very well heighten their productivity – and what they could bring to the company.

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Who To See
Although it might sound strange, who you see on a business trip can be just as important as what you do. Especially when visiting London.

Networking groups abound in the capital – and companies could benefit from attending one of their many events. These can range in subject focus, from on corporate brands to industry types and general business support.

Whether an SME or large enterprise, any professional stands to learn more about their industry from this kind of session. Equally, they may gain another notable experience to add to their CV.

Luckily, firms can easily identify the right meeting for their team. Very often, sites like are a useful source for this.

Meeting people that work in the same sector could help professionals to grow in confidence, expand their knowledge, and build worthwhile connections.

These advantages could all be put back into the company. Everyone within an enterprise can reap rewards when the right connections are made during business ventures.

London is exciting for numerous reasons – but its business hub boosts its magnetism. Firms that come to spread their brand will want to make the most of a trip here.

With these tips, they could reach this objective – and help their company to thrive. London can provide a wealth of opportunities – professionals just need to know the best ways to seize them.  riddle_stop 2

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