Something Scary this way Stirs…

For wizard, witch and magic fans, young and old, head to Castle Hedingham in deepest Essex and pull up your stools and wands in Brightworth’s School of Magic

Article by Lauren Naylor

If, like us, you’re tired of local farm setups featuring rotting pumpkins, purporting to be ‘home grown, but sourced from the local supermarket, then look no further than Red Castle Events for Halloween, Christmas and year-round authentic experiences.

We had the pleasure of joining in with the Brightworth’s School of Magic, a Harry Potter-esque experience for budding witches and wizards in the heart of Essex. Set in the stunning Castle Hedingham and grounds, the entire castle was invaded by excitable children (and exhausted adults!)

Tea, coffee and snacks are available, with the rest of the castle and grounds available for little Witches and Wizards to explore. After an initial introduction to all the team at Brightworth’s, you will have two hours to explore the castle and complete the activities.

Owls, toads, turtles and spiders. There’s an opportunity to learn about animals and hear about what role they have to play in the wizarding world. Under supervision from the Wizards you are able to hold and handle the creatures such as tarantulas, pythons and lizards – although we were very happy to watch from afar on this one!

Potions Workshop
Watch Prof Greenbottom making Dragon’s Toothpaste or turning water invisible. Have a go at turning liquid to gooey slime as the professor oversees lots of safe potions to stir and conjure up. Greenbottoms’ class is a favourite with the new Brightworth students and the adults who watch from the sidelines.

Magic Wands
Our favourite (and messiest part). Every young witch or wizard needs a wand right? Join the teachers in creating a special wand to suit your own magic style (glittery of course!) The wand masters are on hand to help decorate the wands using glitter, feathers and paint.

Swish and flick your wand as you learn to cast spells under the supervision of our brilliant spell masters.

Magic Class
A fun and informative class watching one of Brightworth’s best teachers, and his bumbling assistant, demonstrate magical skills. Sit and watch, or if you are feeling magical join in with some spell practice of your own.

This was an opportunity to use your wand and help the wizard’s send him away with a spell or two!

It’s a ridiculously excellent price point if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket, the parent firm Red Castle Events run other themed events throughout the year at Caste Hedingham and other locations (£12.50 for adults, and £10 for children). riddle_stop 2


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