A Festive Fizz

A small independent Maison, Bruno Paillard produces a range of champagne to fit your seasonal requirements

Review by Rupert Watkins

A small 32 hectare sized house, Bruno Paillard was only founded in 1981. Producing a range of champagnes including a Blancs de Blancs, prestige cuvee and Rosé, the house is known for a light, fresh nose and finish to all its wines.

I was able to sample the Premier Cuvee Brut and the Rosé. The Brut is very light – excellent for those who seek a little less fizz in their champers. The nose is fresh with hints of pear but is not strong. On the palette it is light with a softer mineral edge and slight hint of peaches but overall I felt a definite palette was somewhat lacking. As a lighter aperitif this would be excellent but I feel it may be overwhelmed if paired with food.

Bruno Paillard uses a very low dosage for all its champagnes – five grams per litre which produces that lightness. The Rosé had a slightly stronger nose with hints of red berries and lemon and certainly has more body. On the palette there are hints of strawberries. This would be a wonderful accompaniment to fish as well as being very drinkable on its own.

For those who like a very light champagne, Bruno Paillard should definitely be looked into for festive drinking. Those who seek a little more body in their fizz may not quite find it to their taste. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: www.champagnebrunopaillard.com/


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