The Changeling

Suit and Shirt: Mark Powell, Ties: Drakes, Overcoat: Maison Kitsune, Bag: MiansaiSuit: Chester Barrie, Shirt: Mark Powell, Tie: Drakes, Coat: Chester Barrie, Bag: MiansaiShirt: Richard Anderson, Trousers: Nigel Cabourn, Socks: Corgi, Shoes: CheaneyJeans: Howies, Shirt: Universal Works, Scarf: Drakes, All jewellery: North SkullJacket: Nigel Cabourn Army Gym, Shirt : Daniel W Fletcher, Trousers: Levi's Vintage, Shoes: Bass WeejunSweater: Shackleton Company, Jewellery: North Skull Shirt: Levi's VintageHenley Neck: The Vintage Showroom, Shirt - Daniel W FletcherTrousers: The Vintage Showroom, Jacket: Levi's Vintage, Sunglasses: The Vintage ShowroomJacket: Daniel W FletcherShirt and Sunglasses: The Vintage Showroom, Coat: Tournee de Transmission, Belt: The British Belt Company, Trousers: Nigel Cabourn Army Gym, Bag: Stylist's own

The Changeling

  Sky high performance as Riddle looks to find its sartorial Shangri-La

Photography Andy Barnham Stylist Nicolas Payne- Baader

Grooming Christiane Bazynski

 Model Josh at Nev’s

Photo Assistant Deniz Karagulle 

Location Shangri- La Suite

Many thanks to the Shangri- La Hotel at The Shard riddle_stop 2

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