A Rare Bird…

Fusing a hint of retro style and desirability, Chevignon pays homage to the best of the past whist remaining very in the present

It all started with a jacket… The jacket of Guy Azoulay’s dreams, the founder of Chevignon. This jacket was like the “flight” jackets worn by American Air Force pilots in the 1950s, imitating the same attractive, comfortable, and solid style. But this jacket would bear the name of a Frenchman, Charles Chevignon. Born in 1979 from the talent of a man who dreamed of America, Chevignon, a teenage icon and a reference in Street Culture, has evolved ever since, keeping up with the times while capitalising on its DNA.

The inventor of aged leather and the benchmark in the world of leather jackets, Chevignon revisits its iconic pieces with every season: flight jackets, bomber jackets, teddys, down jackets… A rare bird, Chevignon conceives and designs beautiful clothes in France that are made to last, with the motto: “what is beautiful stays beautiful.”

Combining panache and casualness, the Chevignon style has always been unique; the rallying cry of the groups who see the city as their playground.  With 150 stores worldwide and in 16 countries, Chevignon’s positioning draws on the alliance between iconic products and a powerful lifestyle imagination. The stylistic freedom that the brand demonstrates keeps it in line with the times while at the same time taking it beyond the issues associated with styles that go out of fashion. Always able to build a strong sense of affinity for its customers, the brand has always striven to combine accessibility with desirability.

The AW17 collection delves into the archives to recreate the legendary story that has been the key to its success for 30 years. A blend of the brands emblematic themes and pieces such as the worked skin-out leathers inspired by the aviator jackets of the Second World War, the Souvenir Jackets that immortalise heroic stories in embroidery and the parkas worn for expeditions in the extreme cold are pillars of this new- vintage collection. An immersion in a past that has never been so present.

As well as statement jackets and coats, the AW17 collection also includes pieces such as shirts, logo t-shirts and sweatshirts, denim, knitwear and leather accessories such as belts and wallets. riddle_stop 2


Currently stocked online at www.80scasualclassics.co.uk/search/chevignon 

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