Non-Vintage, André Clouet, Rosé No. 3, Bouzy 

Our New York champers lover tries an opulent but perhaps slightly top heavy rosé

Review by Kyle Ridington Courtesy of Kyle’s Champagne Made me Do it

André Clouet is classified as a Société de Récolants (SR), which is a family firm of growers that makes and markets Champagne under its own label, using grapes sourced from family vineyards. SR is an extremely rare classification that very few houses carry.

Clouet is based in the Grand Cru village of Bouzy, known for its pinot noir dominated Champagnes that are typically more full and lush. I have experienced the Grande Reserve, Brut, Grand Cru by Clouet, which I found is a good value for the money at $45 (£32) retail. I was excited to taste the rosé to see if it could match the same value and presence in the glass.

Clouet’s rosé cépage contains 100 per cent pinot noir broken into proportions of 92 per cent juice pressed off the skins and 8 percent red wine for colour, texture and aroma. Although this cuvée goes through the winemaking process in Bouzy, not all of the fruit comes from Grand Cru villages in Champagne, and therefore cannot sport the Grand Cru classification.

In Bouzy, along with its Grand Cru neighbor Ambonnay, one will find a higher percentage of pinot noir with chardonnay blended in to add lift and finesse to the wine. This is a common practice by some of the top producers from these villages: Pierre Paillard, Eric Rodez, Marguet er Fils, Benoit Lahaye, Marie-Noëlle Ledru and Egly-Ouriet.

The wine itself isn’t shy with an opulent, fresh red fruit character, a baked bread note followed by a lush texture. It is succulent but comes in top heavy and lacks finesse. I can imagine how this rosé would stand out in a tasting among other Champagnes for its force and bold flavours. I would be interested to try this wine with a lower dosage in hopes that the flavours would expand. riddle_stop 2


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