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Putting the zing into Spring with a Ginger Renewal treatment at Coworth Park Spa

Review by Tori Snowball

The Coworth Park Hotel sits on the verges of Windsor Great Park. A mere skip and a jump from the hustle and bustle of London, it’s the perfect escape for a spa day: far enough away to forget your problems but close enough so that your zen isn’t ruined by a long journey home.

The Spa is tucked away separately to the hotel, and is backdropped by the tranquil estate. Wrought iron decorates the stairs and corridors, replicating the rushes of a river bank and leading you down to the subterranean pool, herb infused steam room and sauna. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels in the pool, the relaxation rooms and the “Spatisserie” allow natural light to stream in, even on a grey day, imparting a feeling of openness: a contrast between plush surroundings and the freshness of nature. Each of the airy, high vaulted rooms carries a unique herbal scent, thanks the oils used in the treatments, immersing your senses in a complete holistic sense of well-being.

The spa menu offers an enticing mix of skin delicacies, and what better way to slough off the winter then with a Ginger Renewal Body Scrub to bring a little zing into Spring? This treatment was something a little different to a standard scrub. Body scrub treatments can sometimes seem like an unnecessary faff, and in the past the thought of having to get up off your warm bed to dowse yourself under the shower was a little unappealing.

Not so at Coworth Park, where you remain blissfully reclined on your bed at all times – highly indulgent, and not at all messy as the expert therapist removes the layers of swaddling towels you are cocooned in throughout out the treatment.

Ginger is renowned for its internal healing properties and positive effects on mood, but this wonder ingredient is actually just as therapeutic on the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is therefore excellent for sore and aching joints. The scrub base in the Ginger Renewal is laced with additional eucalyptus oil, giving it not only an increased scent impact but also an additional lightness to its texture, leaving a silky feel and taking away any worries about abrasive scrub particles on sensitive skin.

A healing hot stone massage follows before the finishing touch – a luxurious pressure point head massage which allows the scent of the oils to balance the mind as well as the skin. Throughout the hour the treatment lasts, your eyes are covered with a beautifully scented lavender pillow, the blackout enhancing the effect of the fragrance and the movements of the treatment.

It’s hard not to drift off afterwards as you sit quietly on the lavish sofas, leafing through a library of books provided and sipping on cucumber and mint infused water, watching serenely out the window as nothing in particular passes by. riddle_stop 2

Enquiries: Coworth Park Spa, Blacknest Road, Sunningdale, Ascot SL5 7SE / 01344 756756 / /


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