Danziger Gallery New York at Assouline Claridge’s

Franco Rubartelli; Veruschka in Yves Saint Laurent safari shirt; 1968Andy Warhol; Debbie Harry; 1980Herb Ritts; Kate Moss; 1994

Photographing cake can be art 

Riddle pops down to Assouline to see Andy, Kate and friends in print

For those who love their photography and love to see it in print, Danziger Gallery New York is currently displaying a selection of their classic prints at Assouline (publishers of photography, fashion, art, design and life style books) at Claridge’s. While most visitors will know a number of the subjects in the photos (Andy Warhol, Chairman Mao and Kate Moss are just a selection), there are also a number of shots that will be very familiar to most, even if the name of the actual photographer remains just on the tip of the tongue, such as Elliot Erwitt’s shot of a happy couple, captured in the side window of a car at the beach. Alongside Elliot Erwitt sit prints from Henri Cartier- Bresson, Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts, Irving Penn and Franco Rubartelli; names photo afficionados will all know.

Images on display and available for purchase until Saturday, October 17th. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: Assouline, 49 Brook Street, Westminster, London, W1K 4HR/  0207 493 8032/ london@assouline.com/ www.assouline.com/london-claridges


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