The Party Dean of Dublin

I fell in love here the sign says, it’s no secret that the Irish are easy to love but this… marry me

Review by Tori Snowball

I have never, ever in my life been treated to the completely random act of upgrade. That was until I went to the place where I fell in love. Another first, I’ve never stayed in a hotel on my own for no reason. I resolve to do more of this. Those who know me will also know I have a terrible soft spot for the Irish and that Dublin is one of the great loves of my life, a home from home. So when the city claimed it had The Soho House of Dublin I knew I had to go and was not disappointed.

The Dean opened its doors in 2016 and is irresistibly cool (for lack of a better word). Small and boutique, full of character, those little touches that make all the difference and is above all, it is intoxicatingly fun. The entrance is modern, laid back, and as I found out the next day a great place to chill out and drink coffee when suffering a monstrous hangover. When I checked in below a neon blue sign claiming “I fell in love here” I was told that because I had the best surname of anyone checking in that day I was being upgraded, to a suite, “this is the dream” I said to one of my friends who had come with me for a snoop.

Suites at the Dean are compact but perfectly formed; this is a townhouse after all. Double bed, two stunning chairs, an LP player and plenty of vinyls to go with it. Only here would you find Leanne Le Havias sitting in between the Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac. The bathrooms are out of this world, a huge free standing bath tub and a walk in rain shower the size of most London bathrooms. Toiletries from the local iconic establishment Grafton Barbers and a distinctly more home grown offering hand made in north county Dublin- no need to pack your own shampoo. The only self-respecting thing to do would have been to order a bottle of bubbles and sit in that bath all night and this would have been my plan if it wasn’t for dinner reservations.

Cocktails on the rooftop bar and restaurant Sophie’s are a must when staying, with takes on the classics and a great selection of Irish made gins on offer. Heat lamps tackle the nip in the air and allow you to survey the city of Dublin and its roof tops, thanks to preservation of the Georgian architecture there’s few obstructions in the centre of town and you can see out to the mountains to the south as well as the surrounding city scenes. Sophie’s is open late, very late as I found out to my detriment – but I entirely blame the Gunpowder Gin for that… It is the perfect place to go for a drink or two and end up staying all night as they play the greatest hits from my youth, memories of plus ten years ago now and the first time I fell for this city. Between that and the wooden swings outside the lifts, I’m a firm advocate. Thankfully your room provides you with a “feck off and don’t disturb” note for your door (or “I’m filthy and need a good clean” depending on how rockstar you treated your room).

Returning back to the scene of the crime the next morning (well, afternoon) for brunch was necessary. Sophie’s makes a mean Bloody Mary, and a hangover curing bacon and avocado bagel that cures all sins.

Be warned its location lends itself to the party and this is a hotel not for the fainthearted, and yet that crafty Dean has stolen my heart and if you’re anything like me, it will steal yours too, like a huge neon blue sign tattoo. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: The Dean Dublin, 33 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 / +353 1 607 8110 /

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