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Those searching for a serious facial should head to Debbie Thomas’ oasis of skin care for individually targeted treatment and a satisfying glow 

Review by Tori Snowball

Passing through the leafy quiet courtyard to the Chelsea Private Clinic where facial expert Debbie Thomas has set up shop it’s hard to believe you’ve just stepped off the traffic logged Kings Road. Entering into the clinic is an oasis of calm, mirrored by Debbie’s gentle presence; the space is bright, clean and oozes professionalism.

Deeply knowledgeable, Debbie has been working closely with skin for 15 years, eight of these have been under her own name, treating the faces of the elite and building the profile of a boutique facial expert. Debbie Thomas is akin to the Apple of skincare, leading at the forefront of technology. The main focus is on a bespoke and performance based treatment to create healthy, natural looking skin.

Luckily Debbie has a team of dermal experts to tend to the faces of her growing followers leaving a trail of glowing faces in their wake. One Sunday, I found myself inside the sanctuary of skin in the hands of one of Debbie’s senior therapists to experience her Grade 1 DNA Essential Skin Treatment.

After an in-depth skin analysis my treatment was tailored to what my face was sorely crying out for, in my case exfoliation to slough off my dull top layer and hydration. An initial deep cleanse before getting down to the serious business of exfoliation, a concoction of glycolic and lactic acids got to work on face, these miracle ingredients gently dissolve dead skin without the harsh scratching of traditional exfoliation. My therapist explained that these acids should play a part in everyone’s skincare regime and to look out for a cleanser or treatment product with these to leave skin clearer and brighter.

After this concoction had been left to munch away at the top layer of my skin we got a bit more technical with the HydraFacial an interesting machine that I can only describe as feeling like a miniature vacuum cleaner as it scrubs across the surface of the skin both infusing it with the therapists serum of choice and removing it in one swift motion. In my case I had a salicylic mix, good for further clearing as it is oil soluble and able to dissolve congestion in blocked pours, it’s also anti-inflammatory which is the perfect tonic to my often inflamed skin.

Following some extractions (by some I mean a lot more than I thought!) a second wave of hyrafacial was applied- this time with a hydrating and anti-aging serum blend.

If I thought the hydrafacial was techy then little did I know what was in store for me as my therapist brought out the big guns next in the form of laser treatment. Intense pulsed light targeted general antiaging, rogue veins as well as being excellent for skin firming, anti-bacterial, healing and reducing redness and congestion.

The final stages of my treatment were a deliciously fresh scented clay mask applied to my nose and some collagen boosting, healing and skin treating red light treatment, which feels like basking in a warm suns glow.

At the end of my spell under the machines my skin glowed and looked fresh and hydrated for days afterwards. Watch this space as this queen of clean skin is not going anywhere. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: Debbie Thomas, Chelsea Private Clinic, The Courtyard, 250 King’s Road, Chelsea SW3 5UE / 020 7118 9000 / /

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