Didier Depond, President of Salon and Delamotte 

These two Champagne houses are steeped in their own unique history and philosophy. In 1988 and 1989 Laurent-Perrier made history of their own with an aggressive acquisition that turned Salon and Delamotte into sister domains

Interview by Kyle Ridington Courtesy of Kyle’s Champagne Made Me Do It 

What are the most significant changes you have made since taking over the domaines?
On Delamotte, more focus on Chardonnay (Blanc de Blancs), the range was simplified as well. No change at Salon, just continue the Salon philosophy.

What makes your Champagnes unique and standout from other houses?
Rarity, exigence of quality. Only 37 vintages in a century, unique situation in the wine industry.

When you are not drinking Champagne what is your preferred drink?
Burgundy wines, Bordeaux, Argentinian wines.

If you could make wine in another region where would it be and why?
Argentina, potential of quality, wonderful terroir, an amazing climate to produce organic, clean wines.

What innovations have you seen in Champagne over the past several years?
The global quality in Champagne increases quickly and the Champagne is successful all around the world.

Name one Champagne house that impresses you and why?
Dom Perignon with a huge quantity and good quality and beautiful image.

What are your thoughts on the 2015 vintage?
A great vintage, nice harvest and potentially a vintage for ageing

Who is your most influential mentor when it comes to making Champagne?
Bernard de Nonancourt (Founding President of Laurent-Perrier) and Alain Terrier (former Chef de cave of Delamotte)

Where do you take your holiday in August before the harvest?
Biarritz of course! riddle_stop 2


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