How do you Like Yours….?

In their first sortie north, Dirty Martini open with a bang offering the honey inspired Manchestini to celebrate until the end of the month

Article by Catherine Fergusson

Heralded “the perfect mix of spirit and sophistication,” Dirty Martini is home to a one of the industry’s finest bespoke ranges of Martinis and signature cocktails. This month sees Dirty Martini making their first foray to the North, opening their Manchester bar on Peter Street on November 10th, and what better way to celebrate than by creating the perfect Manchester cocktail?

Inspired by Manchester’s much-loved mascot, the bee, the Manchestini will be available exclusively at Dirty Martini Manchester for a limited time only (until the end of November).  Adopted during the Industrial Revolution, the bee was made part of the city’s coat of arms, as the worker bee was seen to represent the hard-working Mancunians earning their crust in the cotton mills, often described as ‘hives’ of activity.

It’s a pretty sweet little number, mingling Manchester gin, Kalani coconut rum liqueur, coconut water, lemon juice, honey, dried lavender and bee pollen.  Perched on the edge is a mini honey dipper with honey and crushed honeycomb, it’s a delight for those with a sweet tooth and a taste for something a little bit different.

Tom Cole, Product and Innovation and Training Manager at Dirty Martini says, “Nothing embodies the spirit of Manchester more than the bee so bee pollen and honey are key ingredients in our creation, we’re even using a local gin.”

I’m proud to say I’ve had a bash at making my own Manchestini and, delightful as it was, it took a rather strong work ethic to whip it up.  It goes without saying, I’m looking forward to sampling my next one at Dirty Martini, rather than my kitchen table. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: Dirty Martini, 1 Peter Street, Manchester / 01612 410781 /

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