Light and Space

Five affordable ways to divide your space but also open up your room without using walls

Article by Marie Soliman, founder Bergman Interiors

Screens were first found in ancient China and folding screen were used extensively throughout the Far East. In 2018 the sky is your limit creating out of the box and very tailored dividers for each one’s needs, tastes and budget. Dividers are now considered a piece of art and not just a functional piece of furniture.

1. Arsty yet functional. I love how the stacking doors forms a piece of abstract art. Saves a huge space and almost invisible in the space as well as being easy to stack.

2. Double weight velvet screens with a lock. Simply a fantastic idea to divide two spaces creating two different room for privacy when needed and its lockable too. Screens by Gio Ponti.


3. Thin sheers on a rail. A very smart idea for small apartment especially if the master bedroom has a small bathroom. Now you can open up the space for a more playful look creating you own spa by having sheer dividers rather than walls. A win – win situation gaining more space with less materials, no tiles, trouble free maintenance and maximising naturel light. Dividers by Le Apartment Paris by AD Office.


4. Crittal doors and panels. A slick urban loft style feel for a fresh and crisp apartment. You can separate all rooms by using very thin affordable black Crittal sections and Crittal doors adding parallel linen curtains behind the panels. These allow full privacy when needed and also can be open for maximum day light.

Photograph by Nastuh Abootalebi


5. Braided stretched leather strips between ceiling to floor. An elegant urban look dividing the space, the key is to allow an indirect light in the ceiling to light over the leather straps creating a magical thousands of shadows on the floor. We have used this technique in BXR gym dividing the space between the corridors and Joe and the Juice. Dividers and Gym design by Bergman Interiors. riddle_stop 2

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