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The 13th Doctor hits our screens, but with a bang or a whimper?

The new series of Doctor Who Who finally hit the screens last night finally allowing fans to judge for themselves what the new Doctor, and first ever female Doctor initially teased at Christmas 2017, would be like. We also also saw show regular Chris Chibnall, who first began his association with the series by penning the episode “42” on 2007, taking over from Steven Moffat, as executive producer and lead writer. The 13th reincarnation of the Doctor saw not only a new lead and new writer but also new day; having been a Saturday night staple since Christopher Ecclestone in 2005, the show aired on a Sunday.

Die hard purists will no doubt remain unconvinced with the female Doctor, while the rest of the fanboy universe will now religiously be eagerly anticipating their weekly Sunday service. As for me… while I have no hard and fast opinion on the gender of the Doctor, the new series left me cold, the blood temperate of the new villain notwithstanding.

Much has already been said of the big budget Netflix- esque cinematic look which turned Sheffield into a blockbuster location, or the chilling trophy wearing hunter. Sadly not for me; the episode felt like a paint by numbers. Female lead, tick. African American teenager with a caucasian step father; tick and tick. Asian female supporting character; tick. I’ve always loved Doctor Who because of, what I felt, was an underlying menace (so perfectly realised in the theme music with the military style beat and bass you can turn all the way up to 11). Villains were supposed to be hiding behind the sofa scary, however in this instance the baddie was as scary as his prey was pathetic (a crane operator afraid of heights?!). And while there was a clever nod to Sheffield’s industrial steel past, the mention came during a montage. Yes, Doctor Who decided to have montage half way through the first episode with a new Doctor (I blame Team America for making me unable to watch a montage with a straight face…).

What caught me most was how the Doctor was so non plussed at their gender change; maybe it’s me, but I’d be looking in the mirror straight away followed by a dash to the shops to buy myself a fantastic new wardrobe. Never once did the Doctor stop to check her new appearance, she then stayed in an old Scotsman’s clothes until the end of the episode… and don’t get me started on the horrific ankle exposing trousers which have come straight out of hipster- ville that assaulted my eyes, moments before my ears began bleeding from the updated theme music. The menace has been dialled back down to 1 with a whiny tin sound now given centre billing.

I’m willing to give new starts time to breathe and find themselves, as Jodie Whittaker did a more than reasonable job, but I won’t be holding my breath. riddle_stop 2

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