One for the Cosmetics Trunk

The most highly anticipated cosmetics launch of 2018, Drunk Elephant wings its way across to the UK with its focus on omitting any harsh chemicals, obvious toxins and even essential oils which can cause sensitivity in some skins

Article by Lauren Naylor

There’s no denying some of the biggest and best things come from the USA; Reese’s pieces, Baby Ruth, Hershey’s Kisses, Sephora and of course last year’s US sensation skincare brand Glossier made its way over to our shores keeping UK millennial’s happy – the list is endless. However, we’ll bow out when it comes to politics…

Get ready for the most highly anticipated cosmetics launch of the year from our brothers and sisters across the pond. Drunk Elephant. Yes, you read that correctly…

There are lots of brands that are made famous through the mighty squares of Instagram, but this one has had Brits begging friends to ship items home for the last five years. Launched in 2013 in America, founder Tiffany Masterson, a stay-at-home mum-of-four, created the brand to omit any industrial chemicals, obvious toxins and even essential oils which can cause sensitivity in some skins (mine included). Their philosophy is to remove all ‘question mark’ ingredients which carry a risk to general skin health.

The line is completely free of what she coins “The Suspicious Six”: essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical sunscreens, fragrance/dyes and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfates). The brand wanted to use only clinically efficacious, healthy, effective ingredients centred around Marula oil.

Now you ask, why Drunk Elephant? Well, after some research on the fruits of the Marula trees, Tiffany discovered videos of elephants looking somewhat intoxicated after gorging on the fermented fruit rotting on the ground (please do feel free to google) and they don’t look too dissimilar to me come Friday night.

The brand is the fastest growing skin care brand in Sephora’s history and goes live at Space NK and Cult Beauty from tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd of October. If like me, you can’t wait to try it, but Colin at Lloyds Bank will be having serious words at your maxed-out credit card – there’s a starter kit called ‘Littles Kit,’ £90, containing eight of their most popular selling items in mini form to become acquainted with.

Sign up at Cult Beauty and Space NK to be notified when the products are going live – scrap the school run; I’ll be poised at my keyboard ready to stock up. riddle_stop 2

Enquiries: Drunk Elephant

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