And Away!

August brings holidays – and our usual spread of all that is fun, funky…. and a bit outlandish

Dear Reader

As you all count down the days and hours until the spreadsheet can be shut down for a fortnight of rest and relaxation, we continue to prove that a magazine can adroitly flit from Scottish gin distilleries to Somerset alt-rock festivals – via the Artic Circle. As befitting the month of mass hols migration, we will have a smattering of travel. The spa – and the vino – get the once over in  Valladolid at Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine whilst Winston Chesterfield reports on the Art Deco gem that is The Chatwal Hotel in New York.

Those seeking cooler climes and a touch more adventure could head to the Artic Circle. Justine Gosling broke the ice around Baffin Bay in northern Canada as she kayaked in the ice floes and passed the time of day with the local polar bears.

For those that find such ideas a trifle too energentic, Charlie Fletcher reports from St. Andrews on the rise of Eden Mill distillery; from gin to craft beer, this small firm near to home of golf is starting to make big alcoholic waves. Andrew Steel sits down with the team behind ArcTanGent, the alt-rock festival – to chat about girls in rock, off beat acts and (perhaps) why Glasto’s possibly… a bit too mainstream.

So as the vision of pool and mojitos get ever closer, consider some light and erudite reading. Have a wonderful break.


Yours truly,

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