Is Luxury Trust… ?

Does the endless obsession with novelty undermine the longevity that gains consumer trust?

Dear Reader,

Due to my laptop deciding to give up the ghost on me at the splendidly inconvenient time of the end of the month, this letter is being typed on an iPad; a rather old one that has a somewhat irritating 12 second delay between my key strokes and anything appearing on the screen. We however, crack on. Nonetheless, it has got me thinking about the nature of quality and longevity. We are today, readily – or resignedly- accepting of rapid tech obsolescence. Given speed of research and development in the arena this though is laudable.

What intrigues me is the acceptance by many of the deliberate second rate quality and how that impacts on modern consumers’ perceptions of quality and value for money (for the many of us that have to think twice before buying) and the very nature of luxury.

It has been said, possibly to a rather trite degree now, that the ultimate modern luxury is time. Given the rapid re purchasing we find ourselves doing, frequently of supposedly luxury branded items, surely for many of us that is not how we’d aspire to spend our time. On the travel or food and drink side of the coin, is it no surprise the enduring, tried and trusted establishments continue to thrive and gain fresh fans; you know what you will get. There is certainty, you will not have squandered that precious time.

Luxury perhaps could be defined as trust, trust you will not be wasting your time on an inferior product or service. For the young, trust they will receive a memorable experience; something we will gain great enjoyment from for many years to come. With the desire of business to ensure repeat buyers quality is the first thing to disappear, replacement supposedly ensures novelty which is fuel to the fire of social media. Yet I would argue trust is sacrificed in this rush for continuous sales. Longevity has a gravitas all of its own.

Best wishes,


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