Stop, Look and Think

A snippet in an old paper lying around got the Editor thinking

Letter by Rupert Watkins

You know how it is… At home over the Festive period you spend the time flicking through the papers. Well, one little titbit caught my eye; in an old Evening Standard lying around, one of its columnists mentioned a small survey that had been done earlier in 2017. This one proclaimed that since 2005 we (both genders) had been buying on average 60 per cent more clothes and wearing them for only half the time we did before the survey’s start date.

That bit of sartorial data stuck with me – I chewed on it as I chewed on my sprouts – as with the New Year upon us, it is the traditional time to take stock and look to new beginnings. Given many in the fashion world have high hopes for sustainable fashion this statistic could prove just how far away this concept is from becoming mainstream in a world addict-like hooked on cheap garments, easy money to pay for them and multiple ways to gain shallow adulation for their latest materialistic purchase.

Given this wastage, it occurred to me that the need to focus on the timeless qualities of craftsmanship and style has never been more important and needed. As we step bravely into 2018, it just seems to me the idea of thinking twice and then trice about all requirements and then purchasing the very best one is able to afford remains sound common sense – in a world of Instatastic extreme narcissism, you are taking a quiet and refined stand in favour of quality – and it will last you longer too. Even in the case of food – the urbanite’s favourite preoccupation it seems these days – surely the memories and satisfaction created by going to one carefully chosen and unexpected spot will outlive a dozen quickly snatched and featureless drinks and meals grabbed simply for convenience?

So for 2018 (to modify those crossing the road rules of our younger days) perhaps our mantra should be stop, look and think. Slow down and enjoy the idea of making a truly informed procurement. Happy Riddling to you all this year.


Best wishes,

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