Still Going

And still the drink flows

Dear Reader,

Well, it really does seem your (ahem) esteemed editor is a soak. Our determined focus to get to the bottom of every bottle can, one supposes, only be commended. This month Andrew Steel has enjoyed the Grecian charms of the isle of Samos and its spirit Metaxa, our creative director Andy Barnham headed for the sun at Quinta do Noval in Portugal and the editor headed to Grande Champagne and the marvellous world of Cognac Frapin.

The world just seems to work differently in these magical chateaux and vineyards – time is measured in vintages; they are worlds unto themselves. Not dissimilar to our other focus for the month, leather. Andy headed up to Walsall to chat with Whitehouse Cox – a brand perhaps unknown in the UK – but one that truly makes beautiful leather goods whilst Steve Edwards chats with Gladstone London about the brand and English leather artisanship. All these brands are bound together by their passion, nay obsession, for the very best – never a shortcut.

On a very different note, we sat down with Tom Evans, serving Army officer and highest ever British finisher in the Marathon des Sables when he came third earlier this year. He chats about the mental demands of running, his hopes for the future and what charities he is supporting.

Allied to a spot of tailoring, interiors, Lara Protheroe reporting from that underrated gem the Isles of Scilly, and our usual smorgasbord of food and (oh God) more drink we hope there’s education for all in these shorter, more wintery days.

Best wishes,

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