Riddle celebrates hitting its bouncy threes – by reaching for the bottle…

Dear Reader,

There is rather an alcoholic slant to this month’s magazine. I remain unsure whether that’s just fine planning on my part or an electronic manifestation of the amount of booze one has to knock back in order to cope with the stress on keeping this little rag alive.

Nonetheless. we have ranged far and wide to locate some of the more unusual and less well known brands to wet your whistle with. We popped down to the leafy Surrey Downs to chat with Mike and Hilary Wagstaff about their Greyfriars Vineyard and the challenges and joys of producing English Sparkling Wine. Having got a taste for English tipples, we then went the whole hog and legged it for deepest Dorset to chat about vodka – made from milk – with the team at Black Cow Vodka. The ed’s liver is now in even worse order as he has discovered a previously unknown love of expresso martinis.

Those looking for something rather off-beat for the wine rack could glance over Paul Caputo’s article. A long time lover of Macedonian wine, he looks at the overlooked and rarely talked about delights that come out of the vineyards in the Tikveš region and the small Chateau Kamnik near the country’s capital.

So far, so alcoholic. What else…. oh yes… our Creative Director Andy Barnham was hosted in Berlin by Jägermeister……

See what I mean – we just can’t help ourselves….

I’m off to have a chamomile tea.


Best wishes,

riddle_stop 2

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