It Will be an Indian Summer…

Holidays behind us, we look to move onward as the first flush of Autumn appears. Oh yes…. and we’re three – how the hell did that happen……?

Dear Reader,

I don’t think I get seasonal affective disorder (SAD). September and October tend to just be too busy to worry about the nights drawing in – even if it does mean getting up at sparrow’s fart in the morning just feels that little less pleasant. However, even if you are not sensitively disposed to feel the approach of autumn there is something about this time of year; the final BBQs, wringing the last few lazy Sunday afternoons outside the pub out of the summer. Even work wise there’s a certain feeling in the air. After the summer hols, everyone hits the ground running, youngsters start their fledgling careers post-graduation and many people make that move to fresh pastures they’ve been pondering since the start of the year.

With such post summer churn – and maybe blues – about, we hope at Riddle we will continue to provide something to edify, elucidate and educate. As ever, our selection is in the highest tradition of Riddle quirkiness and I hope at least something will take the eye on the 7:16 to the office.

On a rather more impressive note, Riddle celebrates its third birthday this month. Yes…. I hear you cry….. how have you survived with that lunatic of an editor running around like a grizzly on crack – and it’s an interesting question the team ponders on an (alarmingly) regular basis. That said, it gives us a moment to pause and consider how far we’ve come.

We have continued to meet the most wonderful array of people doing Riddle – all dedicated and passionate about their skills, their suppliers, their customers and their part in keeping the artisan heritage of this country alive. We have seen many small firms rise – and sadly have to report we know of some for whom the burden of trying to keep up with the faceless luxury monoliths who are defacing central London has proven too much.

Above all I have to thank wholeheartedly the Riddle team (yes Gypsy even you) and all the contributors who have given so much time, support and ink into making Riddle what it is today; it would be nothing without you and what we are is testament to your good humour (you need it) and assistance. The editor salutes you all.

And finally I have to thank you – the readers. Coming to us in ever greater numbers from around the world thank you for reading, following and (I hope otherwise I’m off) enjoying what we put forward. It’s terrific fun to do what we do  – I believe it’s more fun than being a banker in an airless office – and here’s hoping Riddle continues to entertain you all over the coming year.


Best wishes,

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