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 Feel the force with Ultimate Driving at Goodwood

Article Marion Graham Photography Andy Barnham

The famous Goodwood estate is offering the UK’s ultimate fine driving experience set in 12,000 acres of glorious countryside. You can bask in the adrenaline of the high-speed thrills of the iconic Motor Circuit, step onto the asphalt where racing legends have been before or experience a 4×4 Off Road adventure like no other on the challenging 32-mile course through the ancient forest, chalky terrain and steep hillsides of the exceptional Goodwood Estate.

Powered by BMW, it is the perfect opportunity to experience the best in world-class performance cars – across the BMW and MINI range – combining the very best elements of performance and adventure to create a unique driving experience.

Off-road in a BMW X5 puts the driver head-first into nature at its rugged best across Goodwood’s glorious estate. Offering breath taking views and stunning scenery whilst navigating a challenging cross terrain course. Sometimes heart pumping, drivers will need hold their nerve as the vehicle tilts at seemingly impossible angles, the seat belt the only thing keeping them from being face-flat on the windscreen, especially if there has been a downpour in the days before your experience as this driver found out.

The performance part of the experience around the famous Goodwood track puts the driver behind the wheel of some impressive performance BMWs including the M235i, M3, M4, M5 and M6 cars, all equipped with Michelin ultra high grip tyres (which as any BMW enthusiast will know is a must for any track day in an M car). Expert one-on-one tuition is given from highly experienced pro rally instructors during the two hour track experience .

The combination of the off-road and track makes for a truly bespoke full-day experience tailored to each guest.

For more information about Ultimate Driving at Goodwood please call 01243 216611 or email  circuit@goodwood.com

Ultimate Driving at Goodwood experiences start at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 0PH


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