I have a Hero, I call him Dad

Thinking of celebrating Dad? Here are a few ideas…

Column by Lara Protheroe Photograph by Danielle MacInnes

It’s nearly Father’s Day. I am not sure how I’d ever have got through looking after Luther without his daddy. Anyway, a day of celebrating dad, which is every day as far as Luther’s concerned but it’s a good opportunity for me to spoil my husband and show my thanks for his enormous contribution.

Last year, his first as a father, I got him lifetime membership of the Harley Owners Group, which he was absolutely thrilled about. This year it’s a mixture of treats!

The liquid surprises come in a couple of forms. First up is Rock Rose Navy Strength gin. Decorated in manly navy colours it contains sea buckthorn and rowan berries and is distilled in Scotland. I am hoping I might get a taste if it doesn’t disappear straight into the metaphorical man cave.

A firm favourite already is Brighton Bier and I’ll remember to stock the fridge up with his three top tipples: Cyclops Eyedrops, Brighton Bier and Freshman IPA. Brewed locally to us they are fresh and funky and will be a welcome offering.

A biggie that’s taken time to get here all the way from Oz are some killer 14” ape hanger handlebars by Burleigh Bars for his pride and joy, his Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle.

We are huge fans of the Moomins, and if that means nothing to you then I’m afraid we are destined not to be friends. The latest collectible mug features Moominpappa and is an appropriate addition to our burgeoning collection on this of all days.

Boys, as we know, will be boys. Men too will be boys, it seems, whenever possible. I listened to my husband ruefully lament the loss of his childhood collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cards, and could not fail to be moved by the sorry tale: the cards were so prized and treasured that he buried them in the front garden for safe keeping (as anyone surely would) but then failed ever to find them again. Cards from 1989 – and a full set at that. I hoped that eBay would be my friend here (and his!) and I have tracked down an immaculate full set complete with bonus stickers. Seriously, that must get me some major wife points…

Lastly, I have booked us flights and arranged a break on the Isles of Scilly for September, to coincide with our wedding anniversary. We’ll be taking a tiny plane from Exeter and taking in both Tresco and Bryher on our trip. It was where I went for my family holidays as a tiny tot and will be a truly special place to celebrate our little family all these years on.riddle_stop 2

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