Save Water, Drink Champagne

Drink your sparkling way around the world at Brewer Street’s FiZ bar pop up – now entering it’s final week

Article by Andy Barnham

Let’s play word association. Champagne. What do you think of? Come on, be honest… Weddings, obviously. Overly priced bars that have the word ‘oyster’ in the name and presumably the synonymous region in France from where the drink originates? Now what springs to mind when I say ‘sparkling wine’? Well, Champagne I’d expect and the short list I just mentioned. However I hope you would also think of Prosecco, Cava, English sparkling wine, and maybe Australian sparkling wine. And this is exactly what FiZ bar is about; all inclusive bubbles from around the world.

The menu at FiZ is simple; a one page menu of bubbles and food. The sparkling breaks down into the classics, rosé, English sparkling and ‘Something a little different’. As you’d expect, the classics include Prosecco and a French offering. There are two rosés from Spain and Italy respectively while the English offerings come from Kent and Cornwall. Clocking in at £10 for a glass and £50 for the bottle, the Hush Heath from the Balfour Estate in Kent (suitably described as the Queen of English fizz) is the most expensive sparkling at FiZ. Take a second and think about that again; yes, £10 for a glass of the most expensive sparkling on the menu. And before you ask, prices start at £4.50 for a glass of the house fizz. So stop contemplating how thin your wallet is going to be at the end of the evening and start concentrating on what you’re going to drink next. There’s organic fizz, a sparkling red, sulphite free grape goodness, small bubbles, large bubbles and even a super sexy Brazilian to entice you. Some may grab you hook line and sinker and have you going back for more, such as the French Roc Amble 2015 red sparkling, while you may just draw the line after one glass with others, such as the Australian Black Queen 2011. A jammy and dense sparkling, this is definitely the sparkling wine equivalent of Marmite. With just over a dozen sparkling wines on offer you’re not going to be drowned in choice, rather it is about offering a good range as you drink your way round the world.

To accompany your fizz are various finger foods and tapas options. Be warned, this is an immersive and sharing experience. With very little cutlery on offer (I think I counted one small spoon in the five dishes I saw) you will end up with sticky fingers, but don’t worry about it; just get stuck in. The small buns are delicious (I suggest going for the home made pastrami) as is the grilled cheese sandwich accompanied by home made jam. Sounds odd? It is, but just go with the flow. All the food comes in friendly and generous portions (the chorizo was reassuringly chunky) with various vegetarian and gluten free options available.

Open from Tuesday- Saturday and in the evenings only from 6pm- 10.30pm, FiZ is now in it’s final week of it’s 10 week pop up life span. However to compensate for the dagger I just thrust into your sparkling wine drinking heart, the bar is getting FiZ-ical this Saturday 12th August for it’s Finale Closing Party. And if your diary is too busy for you to pass by and grab a glass this week, fear not, FiZ is opening a permanent location in early 2018. riddle_stop 2


Enquiries: FiZ bar, The Lights of Soho, 35 Brewer St, London, W1F 0RX/

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