Daring Seasonal Colour

In the run up to Christmas, the year’s trends come to the fore and the team at Hayford & Rhodes play with unusual colours and textures. Let the fun, flowers and champers flow…

Article by Joanna Rhodes, Managing Director of Hayford & Rhodes

For us, Christmas begins in late August, so when you read this, we’ll be in our third month of Christmas preparation. As exhausting as it is – we often work overnight to install displays – I still very much love Christmas.

I see each Christmas as an evolution on the last. Bright and audacious, 2016 saw us use lots of signature Hayford & Rhodes hues, such as emerald green and hot pink. This year, we’ve really pulled back on the daring colours. Greenery, the 2017 colour of the year, is the nominalisation of this year’s love of foliage. I mentioned this in last month’s blog; it’s so influential that Forbes magazine identified the Colour of the Year as the main predictor of trends in interiors, fashion, architecture – and even travel. For our second year of releasing our own Hayford & Rhodes Christmas decorations, our Cobalt range has undercurrents of Greenery running through the turquoise, teal, peacock blue and gold.

I approached our bauble and decoration collections with longevity very much in the forefront of my mind. I love unwrapping old Christmas decorations every year, and I add a new one every Christmas. The shades we’ve used are bold but they’re also timeless, so we encourage everyone to keep their decorations, add to them over a lifetime and pass on through generations.

Playing around with Christmas colours was the theme of a recent photo-shoot we did with Emily Murray of the fabulous The Pink House blog in conjunction with Amara Living and Wayfair. This kind of collaboration was a dream for us; we allowed our imaginations to run wild, and with Emily’s input, the results were glorious.

We installed a Christmas tree in Emily’s living room, which was then adorned with Amara Living decorations including funky peacock blue and bright pink parrots and flamingos. Jewelled and glittery lollipops, macaroons and slices of Battenberg cake (all sadly inedible decorative representations of the real thing) gave the tree a deliciously different and decadent feel. Nestled in between the decorations amongst the fresh pine, there were heavily scented David Austin ‘Kate’, Lotita Lempika and Romantic Antike roses.

Around the tree and fireplace, we placed halved pomegranates and whole plums around smoky purple Cotinus, pink Snowberry and the roses used in the tree. Against the backdrop of the Farrow & Ball Hague Blue walls, the colours – crimsons, pinks and purples – really stood out and embodied the perfect Hayford & Rhodes Christmas. The dark, almost tobacco-leaf smokiness of the Cotinus gave the installation depth, whilst the gold vases with accents of blue ranging from emerald through teal, turquoise, peacock and cobalt created a rich, luxurious, tactile and very, very sexy feeling. We’ve worked with Farrow & Ball before, and we can’t wait to design with them again (I’ve not forgotten their offer to decorate our offices! Can we also do my home…? Please…?). Topping off the fireplace display was Emily’s portrait of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust: Who needs an angel on the tree when you’ve got David Bowie?!

We also transformed Emily’s kitchen and dining ready for a sparkling New Year’s Eve party… More on that in my January blog.

Finally, we created a bespoke pink and green Hypericum wreath for the pink front door (Nancy’s Blushes from Farrow & Ball). With a navy velvet ribbon weaved through, this looked so gorgeous, we came to the conclusion that wreaths shouldn’t just be for Christmas, but something to enjoy year-round. The beauty of this wreath was in the simplicity of one element, as we even used Hypericum for the foliage. The glossy berries look like mistletoe, but lasts longer and won’t drop. We’re designing a similar wreath for the front door of Vogue House in Mayfair. Look out for it in December.

Our wonderful and talented Brand Manager Emma Forsey, who manages Christmas for Hayford & Rhodes, has been creating a Christmas installation for our client J Sheekey, comprising of a Studio 54 inspired glitter fest, all based around crustaceans. The starring role is Liberace The Lobster. He’s red, he’s gold; he’s a giant Lobster covered in glitter. We try to encourage our clients to experiment with colours and textures not usually associated with Christmas, to make the designs more bespoke and most of all, more fun.

I’m excited about delivering a one-off bespoke flower school event at The Alfred Tennyson, right in the heart of Belgravia. In front of 30 guests, I’ll be showing them how to make our Scandi Door Wreath, which was featured in the Evening Standard as one of the best wreaths this year. On the other end of the scale, I’m also hosting 70 guests at Berenberg Bank in the City, for another wreath-making class. These events are always lots of fun, and the team fight to come on this one, as we have such a hoot; everyone is in Christmas holiday mood already. Lots of champagne gets consumed, and the wreaths may end up a bit wonky, but no one cares, because they’re having so much fun. riddle_stop 2

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