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The only version of Blade Runner that director Ridley Scott had artistic control over is back on the big screen  

Article by Andy Barnham

Originally released in 2007 on its 25th anniversary, Ridley Scott’s 1982 neo-noir is back on the big screen. Completely restored from the negative and put through the latest audio standards, the dystopian 2019 society has never looked so beautiful. Shot pre CGI and, not for the first time, re-edited the Final Cut doesn’t suffer from the cinematic inconsistencies that led to so much misunderstanding when it was first released. Would the film have had done better than an opening weekend of $6m had the studio kept faith in this, the then third outing from Scott? Who knows, but the domination of the box office by ET (which opened to the tune of $11m) cast a long shadow over all other challengers that summer.

Despite the poor box office showing, Blade Runner has never been far from the public eye. The themes, ambiguities and the riddle surrounding the main character meant that the film quickly established itself as a cult classic. Significant setbacks, suffered soon after the release of the film by then market leaders Atari, Bell Coca- Cola and Pam Am, (who all appeared as advertisers in the film) led to the belief that Blade Runner was cursed. Since then it has been referenced in association to genetics, cloning, the environment and globalization. And finally there is the question that surrounds Deckard; is he, or isn’t he a replicant, like those he is hunting in order to ‘retire’.

In 2004 Blade Runner was voted as the best ever science fiction film ever made in a poll of 60 eminent world scientists. Take the opportunity now and see the best ever science fiction film, made even better, on the big screen. riddle_stop 2


Blade Runner: The Final Cut is on general release from 3rd April- 9th May. 

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