How to Create the Perfect Gent’s Room

From sumptuous seating to distinguished art, the best gentlemanly interiors are a lesson in strong lines and clean aesthetics. Nadia McCowan Hill, shares advice on how to create a well-styled space that works for the guys 

The Palette
Refined gentleman’s spaces are usually big on style but low on ostentation, so go for a palette of sophisticated neutrals when decorating your room.

Grey and taupe both make excellent base notes, bringing warmth to a masculine space where the polished aesthetics can sometimes leave the room feeling cold. If understated neutrals aren’t for you, go for a bold monochrome palette. Black and white is a cool yet classic pairing which never dates and which works beautifully for men’s pads. Metallic notes and high octane tones such as yellow ochre, olive green and azure blue can then be incorporated through abstract art, statement lamps and interesting accents, to give the room a shot of vibrancy.

The Styles
Whether you prefer timeless traditional decor or an artfully undone industrial approach, it pays to single out a distinct design style when decorating your gent’s room. The industrial trend has been a hot favourite in recent years, bringing a ‘too-cool-to-care’ stamp to interiors and giving traditional style an updated edge.

Ask any gent what’s important to him when it comes to design and he will often focus on finishes – think fine leather, crafted wood and polished metal. This material mix is a hallmark of the industrial aesthetic, but the distressed finish on items gives the look a little more street cred.

Go for textured wallpapers featuring exposed brick or wood cladding to channel the look. Opt for weathered metal and wooden furniture with visible stud detailing and subtle patinas. Pendant lamps featuring Edison-style light bulbs are another great way to nail a loft-style look that any modern gent would love.

The Seating
Comfort is of paramount importance when it comes to styling a gent’s room, so go for seating that marries function with form. A classic button-backed chesterfield sofa in tan leather has an iconic look, but if you prefer an upholstered finish there are lots of fabric versions available. Go for deep seating so you can stretch out or, if you prefer, you could always choose an armchair in the style as a nod to this traditional look.

If you’re trying to create a gent’s room with a more relaxed vibe, you might like to try a beanbag in dark leather. Soft and supple, these stylish perches are perfect for kicking back but still look distinguished.

The Bar
No gents’ room is complete without its own home bar and there is now a huge array of options available to ensure that you’ll be serving your sundowners in style. Channel the hip vibe of your favourite hangouts with an industrial model bar styled with metal stools. Or, if you’re keen to create a more refined impression, place an old-school globe mini bar next to a classic leather chesterfield sofa for a signature gentleman’s look. Ensure that your station is stocked with tried and tested tipples, cocktail shakers and barware and avoid scrimping on glassware or your sophisticated set-up will soon be on the rocks!

The Collection
Stamp your signature on your space by devoting an area of your gent’s room to showcasing a personal collection. Whether you’re an avid fan of sports or have an impressive hoard of records, displaying your passions with pride will help to create a real focal point in your room. Take your time to arrange your collection artfully. Stow away any tatty pieces and create a striking vignette using the best items in your collection. Fitting spotlights to highlight your display will help to hero it. If you’re hanging memorabilia in a gallery wall, check out Pinterest to find an arrangement that will work for your space. Hanging different sized frames often looks more artistic than hanging items that are all uniform in shape and size, but you should pay attention to the spacing between your frames. It’s the variation in this space placement that throws a gallery wall finish off kilter, rather than the size of the frames themselves. Keeping frame colours consistent will help ensure that the end look is polished.

The Study
A beautifully-crafted desk will bring a sense of grandeur and sophistication to your space and there are some fantastic designs available. Keep your desk clutter-free by choosing a desk with lots of built-in drawers. If you’re using a desktop computer, go for a model with a keyboard tray, which will also free up surface space. Desks with cut outs and holes help to keep wires under control creating a more polished look. Once your desk is in place and all set up you can then dress it with some timeless touches. A gold and green bankers lamp makes the perfect addition to a streamlined desktop, acting as a great task light while bringing a dash of old school class to the room. If having papers on your table top is a must, you can also keep them organised stylishly with an elegant desk tidy.

The Games
Incorporating some leisure pursuits into the room will help to ensure that it’s a space that has rounded appeal, so think about which pastimes you’d like to incorporate. Few have room for a full-size snooker or pool set-up, but you can always buy a desktop set to nod to the theme. Chess and backgammon are other classic games, which tie in perfectly with the gent’s theme while being ideal for whiling away the hours.

The Accents
A few traditional touches that are thoughtfully placed around the room will bring a look of grown up refinement to your space and they don’t have to be costly to create a distinguished impression. Choose wall art with a historic, scientific or celestial theme to bring a distinction. A desk-mounted globe or some worldly book ends will create the same impact in a flash.

The Getaway
Finally, if space is just too tight to afford a designated gents’ room in the house, you can always opt for a garden getaway dedicated to gentlemanly pursuits. Install a shed at the furthest reaches of your garden and deck it out in full gentlemanly regalia for a homely hide-out that you and the guys will love. riddle_stop 2


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