Three Morning Habits to help you Seize the Day 

Matt breaks down three simple morning rituals that will help you start the day fresh and recharged

Fitness Column by Matt Kay

It is well documented that one of the most important meals of the day is breakfast. It is also becoming more accepted that sugary cereals are not the best choice first thing. In fact the best choice of food first thing to ensure a healthy, lean, strong body is a meal high in protein like fish, meat, eggs or nuts combined with foods high in micro-nutrients like green leafy vegetables.

However, with that said none of that matters if you cannot absorb the nutrients from these foods. You are not what you eat but what you absorb.

This article provides three morning rituals not designed to directly provide fuel to your body, that is what a well balanced breakfast is for. Instead these three tactics are designed to help you better absorb and utilise the nutrients you are putting into your system.

HABIT 1: Soaked Flax Seeds
Every organ, bone, muscle and connective tissue throughout your entire body is made up of cells. Every cell requires nutrients and hydration to function correctly. If your cells do not function correctly your energy will be low, enthusiasm will be non-existent and motivation rock bottom.

One simple, cheap way to improve the function and quality of your cells is to consume a tablespoon of soaked flax seeds morning and night.

By soaking flax seeds (also known as linseeds) you draw out the omega-3 content from he seed making it more available to your body once consumed. The remaining flax offers fantastic fibrous quality improving digestion further.

The impact this simple habit can have on your cells is quite impressive. It will help improve the quality of your cell walls due to its omega-3 benefits. It will help with nutrient absorption due to its hydrating benefits and it will help deliver nutrients more efficiently due to it’s digestive benefits.

How: Add four parts water to one part flax using a small empty jam jar. Seal the jar and store in the fridge over night. By which time the mixture will have taken a thicker consistency. Take a level tablespoon down in one first thing.

HABIT 2: Lime & Salt Water
A low level of acid in the stomach (HCL) is an issue for many people in the western world. HCL helps to break down proteins and other foods in your stomach preparing them for digestion and also helps to kill bad bacteria that enter your stomach.

Both limes and lemons have a chemical structure in them similar to HCL, which helps to improve digestion. The salt added to the water also supports the production of stomach acid. Another quality of limejuice is that is stimulates bile production as it exits the stomach.

The quality of the salt you use is incredibly important; do not use white table salt. Instead go for an organic natural salt like Pink Himalayan Sea Salt or Celtic Sea Salt. Both sensitively produced so they maintain a high mineral density.

How: One slice of lime, one pinch of salt added to 500ml of hot or cold water first thing.

HABIT 3: Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
First introduced to me by my mother-in-law, ACV is now a staple in the FITISM Kitchen. It kills many types of bacteria and helps modulate blood sugar levels. Studies have showed it to support type 2 diabetes, weight management and lowering of cholesterol as well as improving digestion.

ACV is yet another highly effective way to regulate your stomach acid helping you improve the absorption of nutrients from your foods.

Before you pour ACV out of the bottle make sure you give it a good shake first. There is an important component called ‘the mother’ that settles at the bottom of the jar that you want mixed in every time you pour.

How: The major issue of ACV is it does not taste great. The best way to take it is to dilute 10ml of ACV in water and even add a drop of honey to take the edge off. Hold your nose, think tequila and knock it down in one first thing of a morning.

If you want to start the day like a champion try one or even all three of these techniques. Your digestive system will love you for it. If you look after your digestive system many fantastic health benefits will follow. riddle_stop 2


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