“Grilled Cheese..? I Gotta a Grilled Cheese to go Here….”

I walk alone, except for the grilled cheese sandwich in my pocket

Top tips from Ian Macintosh from The Black Hamburg

The bread – has to be sourdough. No sugar or fat in the dough means you can grill for longer and get the perfect melt and seeds add great texture. A little butter on the outside of the bread is needed for a golden hue on the bread.

The cheese – two types is ideal, Oglesheild is from Somerset is similar to a French raclette cheese, perfect for melting, it’s got a slightly cabbagey flavour in the wash that matches well with the kimchi. Keens cheddar is hands down my favourite cheddar. It’s really sharp with some acidic flavour to cut through the Oglesheild. It’s unpasteurised and handmade, and helps brings the sandwiches to life.

Kimchi – a point of difference and breaks up all the fat in the sandwich, with umami flavours that work with the pickle.

The pickle – essential in any sandwich with this much cheese, I like a German style gherkin.

Aioli – a sharp homemade mayonnaise is key for “buttering” the inside of the bread and mellows the heat from the chilli.

Fermented chilli – 70% habanero 30% serenade, fermented for 8 weeks and left coarsely blended . The chilli brings obvious heat but also keeps you coming back for more bites. The ferment mellows the heat and gives it more of the umami addictiveness. Sandwich crack. riddle_stop 2


Enquires: The Black Hamburg

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